Intellectual Character Development

6 Jan 2020

Since scripture’s command to love God includes loving God with our minds, Christians are concerned not only with the development of our moral character, but also our intellectual character – the habits of our thinking.  And since schools are places that promote thinking, the character of that thinking should be of high importance to Christian educators.

ACSI Appoints New President

14 Jun 2019

The Association of Christian Schools International Board of Directors announced today the appointment of Dr. Larry Taylor as the ministry’s new President and CEO.

Moodle platform access

9 Jun 2019

Our Moodle platform is accessible online or using a mobile device app. If you have links saved for your browser or if you are using the Moodle App on your mobile device, please be sure they are updated.

SLC 2018 news

8 Jan 2019

News report from a German school student group at SLC 2018, provided by one of the student participants.

Course Offering - The Mission of the Christian School

1 Jan 2019

Both the Christian school and the secular school study the world around them, but they study it from significantly different perspectives and for significantly different purposes. This course explores those differences and helps us clearly articulate those differences in our thought processes and in our communication. Join us for 4 weeks of study with professional Christian teachers from many nations.

Christmas 2018

19 Dec 2018

Christmas Greetings from ACSI Europe! Thank you for your partnership in the global ministry of Christian education throughout 2018. We are so grateful that you are investing in the youth and children of your community and inspiring them to love God with head, heart and hands.
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