Training in board governance

1 Dec 2018

Do you need a fresh look at the purpose and function of your school board? ACSI provides professional training for school leaders and school board members as a part of the 2019 International Educational Leadership Conference.

Course offering - Christian Philosophy of Education

12 Nov 2018

This course examines the foundations of Christian education and orients teachers to the task of equipping students to influence their world through Biblical thought, character and action.


27 Jul 2018

The Global Christian School Leadership Summit will take place 30 January-01 February 2019 in San Antonio, Texas, USA.  The aim of the conference is to bring together Christian school leadership to consider innovation, excellence, and growth in mission and practice.  It is co-sponsored by eight Christian school associations, multiple Christian universities and organizational partners.  ACSI is one of the sponsors so this is not an ACSI exclusive event.

ECCEN Event Invitation

1 Jul 2018

In cooperation with an ACSI Europe partner organization in The Netherlands, we invite our Christian school leaders to participate in this event.

In Der Schule Ein Neues Lied

10 Jun 2018

The German edition of Meditations for Teachers, In Der Schule Ein Neues Liedis written as a companion volume to First the Foundation! A Primer for Christian School Education. These meditations serve as illustrations of how to implement the basic biblical understandings of Christian school education that First the Foundations addresses. So what appears as theory and perspective in First the Foundations is given a practical and devotional bent in these meditations.

IELC 2017 Report

2 May 2018

This second conference was held in Budapest from the 1st to the 4th of March with the theme: Leading from the Heart.

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