Articles on this page are intended to provide perspectives on education and the Christian school community and may be adapted from ACSI publications or other sources of interest.

Thankfulness in the classroom

Thankfulness is an attitude that we develop on purpose! How are you developing thankfulness in your life and in your students’ lives? Here are a few activities that might help.

21st Century Skills and the Responsibility of the Christian Teacher

Some people might describe these skills as "just good skills for life" and I would agree. But these skills must be cultivated and practiced in a context of support before they can be implemented on a consistent basis.

Ten Reasons for Christian Schools

Why is it necessary to defend the right to something that is good for all? This is where these ten reasons as to why Sweden should have Christian schools began take shape. These reasons are not given merely from a Christian point of view or from that held by Christian parents, but from a social perspective: In what ways is it good for society to have Christian schools?<br> (Login to access this article by Sven Magnusson, Headmaster, Ljungskile, Sweden)

What Does It Mean to Teach Like a Disciple?

What is the highest teaching aspiration for a follower of Christ? I believe it is to teach like Jesus taught, to teach like His disciple.

The Leadership Triangle

The key to solving leadership challenges is to identify correctly the type of challenge your organization faces and the correct structure or "option" to confront that challenge.

Expected Student Outcomes: A Help, or Just Hype?

If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time. To develop meaningful student outcomes, we must prioritize both process and content.

Christian School Education 21 no 1

An ACSI Magazine for Christian School Educators Volume 21, Number 1 | 2017/2018

Metacognition and Learning

More and more educational journals are talking about metacognition as the key to all genuine learning. Metacognition requires reflection on our thinking process.

Teachers as Adult Learners

Implications of Theory and Research for Designing Effective Professional Development -- "When it comes to designing PD experiences, it may be a good idea to treat teachers like adults." by Lynn E. Swaner (published in CSE 20.3 2016/17)

Teaching Intellect and Faith

"Mom, is there anything that God didn’t create?" -- What is the connection between faith and learning? An article by: RACHEL MARRON
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