Articles on this page are intended to provide perspectives on education and the Christian school community and may be adapted from ACSI publications or other sources of interest.

Teaching Intellect and Faith

"Mom, is there anything that God didn’t create?" -- What is the connection between faith and learning? An article by: RACHEL MARRON

Christian School Education 20 no 3

An ACSI Magazine for Christian School Educators Volume 20, Number 3 | 2016/2017

The Most Common Mistakes Parents Make

Written by Tim Elmore of This article is directed at parents but can also be a big help for teachers in their interaction with both parents and students.

A Rationale for Christian Schools in Sweden

This article was prepared by our friends at the Swedish Christian School Council in light of the recent political opposition to private and confessional schools in Sweden. It provides excellent arguments for the existence of Christian schools in every society and we make it available to you with their permission.

God’s Standards for Excellence

What are the standards for excellence in education? Christian schools exist to meet the demands of a Christian philosophy of education. Unless the focus of Christian school reform is on a return to biblical standards, God’s school system is in danger of losing its purpose.

Formative to Flourishing Framework: Spiritual Formation

We believe that spiritual formation is one of six key categories for Christian school improvement. However, it may be the most difficult element in the framework, because ultimately spiritual formation comes not from human effort, but from the work of the Holy Spirit.

Christian School Education 20 no 1

An ACSI Magazine for Christian School Educators Volume 20, Number 1 | 2016/2017

Apathy or Empathy?

... in the last 15 years there’s been a drop of 40 percent in empathy among U.S. college students. How can we build empathy in our students? Selection from an article at by Tim Elmore

Hope and a Future

Unlocking Your Students’ Potential, By Angie Taylor

Fully Engaging Your Faculty

Is there a formula or set of procedures to guarantee positive student achievement and/or spiritual formation? (By Tim Greener)
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