ACSI Roundtable for Vocational School Leaders

We warmly invite you to join us for a special round table for school leaders interested in vocational education.

The ACSI-Europe team wants, driven by their mission to strengthen educators, to serve all different levels of education. It is clear to all of us that schools focused on vocational education take care of unique students with practical skills who are valuable to God. This round table is organized for experienced leaders and leaders who want with God’s help serve these students.

This "round table" is a collaborative event organized to explore how we can best support these schools and teachers, because in the movement of Christian education in Europe we all need the support of our colleagues and the experience and wisdom of each other. Our time together will be spent in discussion of important topics, prompted and facilitated by experienced educators.

The topics that will be explored are:

  • the characteristics of students in vocational education and their unique needs.
  • the resources and steps necessary to start vocational education and keep on going.
  • the significance of a Christian worldview on this type of education.
  • how businesses and schools can work together to develop these students and their skills.


The round table will be June 6 and 7 in Budapest. It includes a full schedule  of meetings with 1 night lodging, beginning with lunch on Tuesday and finishing with lunch on Wednesday. Reserve your place at this very special event now using the form below.

Dates: June 6-7, 2023

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Hotel Chesscom

Bartók Béla u. 5, 1191 Budapest



  • Guests who will introduce a Christian vision and approach to vocational education
  • Discussion and interaction times with other school leaders
  • Fellowship and networking
  • We begin with lunch on Tuesday and end with lunch on Wednesday



Cost includes 2 meals, hotel and coffee breaks and 1 night of lodging at Hotel Chesscom.

Double Room: 140 Euro / person (Please note who will share the room with you.)

Single Room: 170 Euro 

No lodging (organize your own): 110 Euro




12.30    Lunch

14.00    Welcome

14.45    Discussion 1: The unique identity of these students

Coffee Break

16.00    Discussion 2: Perspectives and progress in various countries

17.30    Discussion 3: The unique needs of these students


19.30    Bible study and worship together



7.30      Breakfast

8.30      Devotions

9.00      Discussion 4: Why the Christian worldview makes a difference

9.30      Discussion 5: Teachers and teaching in this setting

       Coffee Break

10.45    Discussion 6: Sharing possibilities of Christian vocational education in the different European countries

11.30    Summary, Evaluation and Closing

12.30    Lunch and departure



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Vocational school leaders 2023

Tuesday 6th June 2023 to Wednesday 7th June 2023