2013 Student Leadership Conference - report and downloads

2013 Student Leadership Conference - report and downloads

The 15th Student Leadership Conference with speaker Dan Bishop - "Blessed by God to Bless Others"

2013 - 15th International Student Leadership Conference Report and Download

The 15th Student Leadership Conference - "Blessed by God to Bless Others" - was a huge blessing. We learned that God has blessed us greatly and it is for His purpose, not ours.

Student Quotes:

I was inspired to exercise greater leadership for Christ and to get involved more with the activities and people around me. It was inspiring because of the people who have been preaching to us about these things and because I could see this kind of spirit in the people around me.
I was afraid of failing but I am not anymore. I hope I can be a blessing to others because I am blessed by God.
I was feeling sad and mad because of many difficulties in my life. My heart was locked, but here God opened it again. I learned a lot from the workshops and sessions. And I know it might be difficult to be a leader but God is going to be with me and I am willing to follow Him! And I know I don't have to fear because He is going to make it all right.
He blessed me so much I can't write everything down but one of the biggest blessings was that He talked to me. I had forgot to be a living blessing. I discovered it anew. Thanks for helping and bringing me this blessing!

Session Themes:
- Blessed by God - Psalm 1
- The Blessings of Salvation
- The Blessing of Saints and Sinners - from Genesis and Job
- Blessed to Bless Others - Philippians 2

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Please check out the sound recordings of the sessions that are ready to be downloaded by clicking the link below. They are in wav format:

SLC 2013 Program Book (pdf)

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Plenary Session 1 in MP3 - sorry, no recording...
Session 2 in .wav
Session 3 in .wav
Session 4 in .wav
Session 5 – Wrap Up in .wav

Conference Debriefings:

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Building 3 -
Building 5 -

Plenary Sessions_Notes in Word - not ready

SLC 2013 Music Sheets in PDF format

SLC Newsletter Style Report (in pdf)

Movies from the conference: 15 Years of SLC!

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