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ACSI Europe
László Demeter, Europe Regional Director
1182 Budapest, Óhuta u. 46.
Tel.: +36-1-292-6246
Fax: +36-1-292-6245
ACSI Francophonie
Daniel Neuhaus, Francophone Director
Boîte Postale 40198
S68305  Saint-Louis cedex, FR
Tel.: +33-389-69-22-67
Germany Services
Contact VEBS, our partner organization:
Verband Evangelischer Bekenntnisschulen e.V.
ACSI Global Headquarters
P.O. Box 65130    
731 Chapel Hills Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80962-5130
Iberia Services
Scot Musser
28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain
Tel.:  +34 91-219-0405
Romania Services

ACSI Staff December 2016

Laci Demeter, Director, ACSI Europe
Paul Madsen, Educational Consultant, ACSI Europe
Liviu Caprar, Consultant and ACSI Facilitator, Romania
Daniel Neuhaus, Director, ACSI Francophonie
Franck Schmitt, Publications, ACSI Francophonie
Ervin Der, Bookkeeper, ACSI Europe
Anna Kenyeres, Conference Coordinator, ACSI Europe
Liz Rauca, Consultant and ACSI Facilitator, Romania
Rita Demeter, ACSI Europe
Leslie Johnson, Consultant and ACSI Facilitator, Czech, Slovak, Polish Region
Agi Jordanidisz, Educational Consultant, ACSI Europe
Sonja Neuhaus, Secretary and Bookkeeper, ACSI Francophonie
Not pictured: Scot Musser, Consultant and ACSI Facilitator, Spain and Portugal
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News and Events
Highlights for February 2017
Current news and prayer requests from ACSI Europe
International Collaborative Projects for Christian Schools
ACSI Europe is offering a Moodle based online course for teachers to facilitate such international collaborations. The online course offers high quality methodological training combined with biblical integration using Project Based Learning.
International Educational Leadership Conference March 1-4, 2017, Hungary
This is our 2nd International Educational Leadership Conference in Budapest, Hungary with the theme "Leading from the Heart". Participation is limited to 190.
A Rationale for Christian Schools in Sweden
This article was prepared by our friends at the Swedish Christian School Council in light of the recent political opposition to private and confessional schools in Sweden. It provides excellent arguments for the existence of Christian schools in every society and we make it available to you with their permission.
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1182 Budapest, Óhuta u. 46.
Tel.: +36-1-292-6246