Course offering - Intro to Biblical Integration

Course offering - Intro to Biblical Integration

“Biblical integration” can be a confusing topic for teachers. However, it is a core feature of education that is distinctively Christian.

Course Description

This course explores the nature and importance of biblical integration, and introduces simple, practical strategies for classroom implementation.  Participants will develop their understanding of biblical integration through interaction with each other and preparing a biblically integrated lesson plan or unit that is relevant to the grade and subject level they teach.

Course Purpose

“Biblical integration” can be a confusing topic for teachers.  However, it is a core feature of education that is distinctively Christian. Integrating subject content and teaching methods with a biblical worldview is a dynamic process, so there is no “step-by-step” formula to apply. Teachers with an understanding of the purpose and process of biblical integration will be in a position to think creatively about how to implement this in the context of their own classroom. This short course is not intended to turn teachers into experts, but provide a simple way forward for teachers who wish to strengthen their understanding and practice.

Course Title: "Introduction to Biblical Integration"

Course Format: online course (at: )

Course Language: English

Length of Course: 4 weeks (about 3 hours/week)

This course is available to anyone interested in the course content. You do not need to be a member of ACSI or even be currently teaching. We require a minimum of 10 participants to begin the course. Please contact us for more details or questions. 

Participation requirements and costs:

  • 6 class hours of instruction with the option of official ACSI course certificate (1 Continuing Education Unit)
  • Price: 40 EUR (for ACSI member schools), 20 E for members in Eastern Europe or the former CIS
  • The course includes digital versions of the reading materials
  • If you have never taken an online class before or are unfamiliar with these topics, we recommend that you first complete our pilot course, The Mission of the Christian School.

Course Objectives - Students will…

  1. Be able to clearly express what “biblical integration” is and why it is important in the Christian school.
  2. Identify the themes and principles in Scripture that have particular relevance to the subject area they teach.
  3. Prepare a biblically integrated lesson or unit plan.
  4. Share what they are learning and interact with the insights of other course participants.

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