Professional Resources

ACSI Professional Resources provide quality material for individual or group study. Our goal is to provide a variety of resources, helping Christian schools implement an excellent, Christ-centered education which prepares students in every area of life. Below are sample resources from several categories.





Essential Elements of a Christian School 
ACSI’s intent is to provide a starting point, a practical framework consisting of five essential elements of Christian Education.

Student Leadership Development 
Am I a leader? For many years I didn't think of myself as a leader... written for the ACSI World Report (by Paul Madsen)

Managing your banking relationships 
Guest Article by John Warren, founder and CEO of CFS Financial, an ACSI Partner and financial advisory firm that works with Christian schools, ministries, churches and other organizations in all aspects of financial management

Practical solutions to defeating bullying in Christian schools 
The conclusion of a 5 part series on the issue of bullying by Paul Caughlin. Please create a free account to access this article.


List of Downloadable Resources 
Many resources with active links to PPT, MP3, PDF and other files from the last 5 years - only paying members have access.


Student Leadership Conference Report, 2015 
We are pleased to report on the 17th SLC which hosted 340 participants from 17 countries!

ACSI Europe Highlights - September 2015 
Thank you for your partnership in serving the Christian schools and teachers in Europe!

International Conference Report - March 2015 
This is the first time we organized an all Europe leadership event. The primary focus of the conference was to encourage networking and cooperation among the Christian schools in Europe and beyond.


ACSI Europe publishes books in several languages. See our publications page for more information. We can also help with quality curriculum in English from Purposeful Design Publications (based in Colorado Springs, CO, USA).

School Membership Directory

The on-line directory of our member schools - always up to date.

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News and Events
ACSI Day of Prayer
This Maundy Thursday, join Christian school leaders, teachers and students for a day of prayer. We are trusting God to move mightily in our schools, in our cities and across the globe.
ACSI Romanian Regional Conference - Pașcani, March 24
This is a 1 day event for teachers and administrators on March 24, 2018. We welcome all Romanian and English speaking Christian teachers and administrators.
Highlights - March 2018
ACSI Europe partners with you in what God is doing through Christian education in Europe. Thank you for your support and prayers!
3rd Forum on Christ-centered Education for Spain
We invite pastors, educators, missionaries, and all those with an interest in Christian Education, Friday and Saturday, April 20-21, 2018. Theme of the conference: The hallmarks of a Christ-centered education
IELC 2019 - SAVE THE DATES: February 27-March 2
This is our 3rd International Educational Leadership Conference in Hungary. Registration opens on May 1, 2018
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