Wonderfully Made

"Wonderfully Made" is a teaching curriculum for sexual education with Christian values developed by our partner organization in The Netherlands.

Wonderfully made

Wonderfully made is a teaching curriculum for sexual education with Christian values. Several editions are available for primary education, secondary education and special education.

What is it?

The curriculum contains practical lesson plans for sexual education founded on Christian values.
Throughout the program we have four guiding themes:

  1. Self-image and self-esteem: you are wonderfully made
  2. Social norms: caring for yourself & others
  3. Protective behaviors against sexual abuse: the ability to cope with suspicious, dangerous or harmful situations and to ask for help
  4. Sustainable and lasting relationships: in love and faithfulness 

What are the goals?

Scripture says that we are wonderfully made. We were made in God’s image. Intimacy and sexuality are gifts from our Creator. We believe it is our Christian calling to equip youth and young people with tools that will help them to live life in the sight of God. We recognize the brokenness concerning sexuality and relationships in God’s creation, as many children and young people face the consequences of sexual abuse and exploitation, broken families and distorted views on sexuality in society and media, etc.  Some difficult situations of children faced with sexual abuse in Christian families led to the development of Wonderfully made. Developing protective behaviors (the ability to set boundaries, to cope with suspicious, dangerous or harmful situations and to ask for help) is one of the core themes of the program. By teaching these protective behaviors we aim to contribute to the prevention of sexual abuse.
We hope that children and young people find their place in society where they:

  • Recognize and appreciate themselves as a boy or girl, created by God.
  • Make wise choices and show protective behaviors in accordance with the Word of God, despite the brokenness caused by sin.
  • Connect to others in healthy relationships of love and faithfulness. 

How can we make a difference?

Wonderfully made has been developed from a Christian perspective and with a holistic approach:  it addresses sexuality, relationships and the development of protective behaviors throughout the curriculum, focusing on  biblical values and norms. What’s more, we encourage cooperation between parents, school and church.  We believe that parents remain primarily responsible – families first! That’s why we also provide a brochure specifically for parents which includes brief summaries of the lessons and suggestions for conversations at home.

Can we develop materials for your context and language?

Based on needs and questions from the educational field, we worked together with schools and other stakeholders to develop Wonderfully Made in the Netherlands. We are in contact with several international organizations to develop customized curricula based on the vision of Wonderfully made, including a pilot program in Ecuador and Mexico.
We are currently exploring the needs and demand in other countries and organizations for partnerships with Wonderfully made.

You may want to choose only a selection of this curriculum's guiding themes. That is absolutely fine. We believe that we can work together to create a tailor-made edition of the curriculum that will match the specific context of your country.

Please, let us know if you are interested in receiving more information about Wonderfully Made and the possibilities for the development of Wonderfully Made for your context and language by filling out the following form (in Dutch, English and Spanish):

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