ACSI Interactive Online Workshops

ACSI Europe warmly invites you to participate in a series of interactive online workshops with translation from English into Polish… Come and join us beginning February 23 and once per week for 3 weeks.


Theme: "Connecting Learners to God’s Story"SLC2020 zoom meeting1

Session Titles:

  1. Teachers and Learners participating in God’s story.
  2. Themes in God’s story and the academic subjects.
  3. Big questions and God’s story.


Time and Place: 

ONLINE using Zoom and locally in schools for workshops, discussion and application

From 16:00 - 17:15 (Central Europe Time)

February 23, March 9, and March 16, 2021


On-line registration - see below

Registration deadline: February 21

Registration fee: 10 EUR (50 E maximum per school)


Each session will include:

15 minutes presentation.

40 minutes small group discussion.

20 minutes question-and-answer time

We look forward to meeting and learning from each other!

Hosts: Bert Vogel, Laci Demeter

Presenter: Roslyn Barnes (with translation into Polish language)


Updated: 3 February, 2021



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ACSI Online Workshops

Tuesday 16th February 2021