ACSI Membership - Benefits and Registration


ACSI Membership Benefits for Schools

As an ACSI member in Europe, you have access to all our member services including school visits, teacher training events, publications and the Student Leadership Conference. Our member schools also receive a registration discount at our school leadership and teacher conferences. These schools are listed in our directory and have the opportunity to network with other member schools and service organizations through our system, providing prayer, professional support and encouragement.
The Christian School Improvement Platform is now available in 10 languages to all ACSI member schools. CSIP is a community where ACSI member schools can engage in self-assessment, define strategic goals and contribute to strategic development in partnership with other schools as they implement a Christian vision of education. This supports our effort to serve the specific needs of your school and is an essential part of our continuing services to all ACSI member schools in the Europe region.

ACSI Membership Pricing for the current school year

Current prices are based on the number of students (in ranges). Note that prices will be adjusted starting 1 October 2024 and change to a per student calculation (rounded to the nearest Euro) with an increase of about 20%. All fees are annual and the expiration dates are set to the first day of each quarter (Jan. 1, Apr. 1, Jul. 1 or Oct. 1).

Size of School

Western Europe

Central and Eastern Europe and FR+CH

1-50 students



51-100 students



101-200 students



201-300 students



301-500 students



501-1000 students



1001-2000 students



up to 3000 students



up to 4000 students



up to 5000 students



  • All memberships are valid for a period of 12 months from the end of the month in which the payment was completed. (Beginning in October 2024, we will change this to quarterly.) This means that membership renewal dates are not timed to the school calendar.
  • Every school membership includes access to the CSIP platform and the option to list up to 2 professional services per year. Schools with ACSI membership in another region, please contact our office for CSIP access options.


Christian School Improvement Platform (CSIP) Access for School Associations and Professional Service Partners

Please see the Associations and Organizations page for more information and prices.

ACSI Membership

ACSI Membership Registration

Steps for new registrations: Please complete the ACSI Membership Request Form on-line.

  1. We ask that you provide the name of your school in the language of your country plus the English equivalent for our directory.
  2. The fee for this school year is based on the number of students enrolled in your school. You can also choose to pay for multiple years of membership. Please let us know if you have any issues with payment.
  3. The membership application provides an invoice request option.
  4. We will contact you after registration with a welcome email and details regarding membership benefits and payment. You will receive your membership certificate after payment.
  5. After completing the school membership form, you will need to set up a personal account on our website using the your school code for access to the CSIP, member school pricing and resources.

Direct bank transfer payment may be made as follows to our Wise account:

Account Owner Address: 1182 Budapest, Óhuta utca 46.
IBAN: BE51 9678 9337 9662
Bank Address: Rue du Trône 100, 3rd floor
  Brussels 1050, Belgium

Or use a link for payment and adjust the amount as / Stripe (for card payments) 
Donations can be received at
We look forward to partnering with your school in extending the Kingdom of Christ through the cause of Christian Education.
* Note that by becoming an ACSI Member School in the EU, you agree to the public posting of your basic school contact information on our website.

* International schools must apply for membership through ACSI Global. Please provide your updated contact details on the ACSI Europe on our Membership Form so that we can inform you of ACSI Europe events and services of benefit to your school.



How can I grow as a teacher?

To meet the commitment of investing in your own growth and learning as a professional Christian teacher, there are a variety of resources you can explore. Here are some valuable options to consider:

IELC report 2024

"The IELC 2024 was a blessed and overwhelming event full of knowledge, blessings, righteousness, and love of God. for me it was a necessary event to grow up spiritually and professionally."

February 2024 Highlights

Thank you for your partnership in the ministry of ACSI Europe! We would like to give you an update on the highlights of our recent activities and also request your prayers for some important upcoming programs.

Christian schools are growing

The times are “dark”, but Christian schools in Europe are growing. ACSI Europe leaders participated in meetings with Christian education leaders in January 2024 at the EU Parliament. This is a summary from CNE News.

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