Online courses are a key to developing your connections with Christian colleagues around the world while providing inspiration, encouragement and quality professional development for your growth as a Christian educator. We recommend International Collaborative Projects or The Mission of the Christian School as your first online course.

Online Courses - Pricing Table:

ACSI provides 2 complimentary courses for our Europe Region member schools each year. Check with your school leadership or contact us with any questions. 

A 12 hour course requires about 3 hours of study each week for 4 weeks. Some courses have a set fee like The Mission of the Christian School (at 20 €).

Number of hours per course

Prices for ACSI member schools including all international schools

Subsidized rates for member schools in Eastern Europe and the former CIS

Standard rates for all other schools.

12 hours

60 € 30 € 90 €

18 hours

80 € 40 € 120 €

24 hours

100 € 50 € 150 €

30 hours

120 € 60 € 180 €

ACSI Online Course Registration

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Please complete all sections of the registration. This provides ACSI with a better understanding of how to meet your needs for professional development.

We will contact you about course availability based on the number of registrants we have for your preferred course. If you want to register for more than 1 course, please submit additional registrations.

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When are you able to begin the course?
Your preferred course may be limited to certain dates depending on participation numbers and availability.
In which October course would you like to participate?
Please check the course rates based on the number of hours for the course. Based on registrations from October 2, we are only able to run the Christian Philosophy course.
* Our introductory course has a set fee of 20 E.



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