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Frank E. Gabelein: Wie der Glaube Schule Macht -

Das Problem der Integration von Glaube und Wissen

Der Autor will dem Anliegen dienen, christliche Bildungsarbeit zu legitimieren, und zu einem detaillierten Entwurf christlicher Bildunsgsarbeit beitragen. Mit diesem Werk wird ein grundlegender Schritt dahin unternommen. Hauptgedanke ist dabei, dass alle Wahrheit letztlich von Gott stammt, und die Überzeug, dass Glaube und Wissen integriert, d. h. in Einklang gebracht werden können. 

Preis: 9,90 EUR

Spezialpreis für ACSI Mitglieder: 8 EUR



Allegra McBirney: Andy und Katie und die Eindringlinge (FÜR KINDER)

Eine nette und wahre Geschichte über eine Familie, die eine Obstplantage besitzt und erfährt die wundervolle Vorsorge Gottes. 

     Preis: 1,5 EUR

    Spezialpreis für ACSI Mitglieder: 1 EUR




The books listed here are currently available in English through our office. 

Author: Allegra McBirney  (Size: A5, Pages: 66 - with color illustrations)
Price: for member schools 2 EUR, for non-members 3 EUR

Wonderful Names of Jesus
…a personal note from the Author…
WONDERFUL NAMES of JESUS is the latest of more than 50 books that I have written, and I feel that it is the most important of them all, because it focuses completely on CHRIST HIMSELF.
It introduces Him into every phase of our lives, assuring us that He has a special Name to match each situation, and each challenge…
My deep desire is that you will apply these Names to your every need: first for Salvation, and then for a life of on-going spiritual victory, and on-going spiritual excitement!
In His Name, and from my heart,
Allegra McBirney

FIRST THE FOUNDATION! A Primer for Christian School Education
Author: Dr. Stephen Kaufmann  (Size: A5, Pages: 90)
Price: for member schools: 6 EUR, for non-members: 8 EUR

First the Foundation!
The time is ripe across Europe for teachers in Christian schools to confront the spirit of secularism, so rampant in Western culture, with a gospel-based, Christ-centered message. At stake are the hearts and minds of all students in our schools that God has put in our care. Will teachers be ready to offer students another way to see themselves as belonging to Christ as his agents rather than the agents of secularism? Will our schools be places that engage students to exhibit God's image- not merely to "fill up" with information - in all their learning?
This book is dedicated to equipping teachers to take up their calling not only to be Christians, but also to teach as Christians before their students.
Stephen Kaufmann


MEDITATIONS FOR TEACHERS - Reflections for Christian Teachers About Their Work
Author: Dr. Stephen Kaufmann  (Size: A5, Pages: 138)
Price: for member schools: 6 EUR, for non-members: 8 EUR

Meditations for Teachers
Meditations for Teachers is written as a companion volume to First the Foundation! A Primer for Christian School Education. These meditations serve as illustrations of how to implement the basic biblical understandings of Christian school education that First the Foundations addresses. So what appears as theory and perspective in First the Foundations is given a practical and devotional bent in these meditations.
Meditations for Teachers can also stand alone as a devotional text. The sixty meditations are organized around the four themes of teacher, student, classroom practice, and school mission. Taken together the fifteen devotionals around each theme do present a perspective for understanding these four areas as a Christian teacher.
Stephen Kaufmann

You are also invited to visit the ACSI Global store to see what is available in the USA, as this is usually available to you here in Europe as well.


Christian School Materials and Resources Translated into other Languages:

Christian school professional resources and texts are desperately needed in a variety of languages by teachers around the world. Following are some materials currently available in languages other than English. View the publications available in your local language by changing language in the upper right corner of the page.


  • 99 Ideas that Work--Discipline in the Classroom, Berry, ACSI
  • Walking with God in the Classroom, VanBrummelen
  • Teaching for Spiritual Growth, Downs
  • Steppingstones to Curriculum, VanBrummelen
  • Reaching and Teaching Young Adolescents, Stronks-Knol
  • Shala, McBirney
  • The Rescuer, McBirney



  • Patterns of God's Truth, Gabelein, ACSI
  • 99 Ideas that Work--Discipline in the Classroom, Berry, ACSI
  • Walking with God in the Classroom, VanBrummelen
  • Teaching for Spiritual Growth, Downs



  • 100 Ideas that Work--Discipline in the Classroom, Berry, ACSI
  • Called to Teach, Gangel
  • First the Foundations!, Kaufmann, ACSI



  • Nurturing the School Community, Dr. James Drexler
  • Steppingstones to Curriculum, VanBrummelen
  • Child Sensitive Teaching, Karyn Henly
  • Educating for Eternity, Laude E. Schinder, Jr.