Konferencja Młodych Liderów (SLC) 2015

Międzynarodowa Konferencja Młodych Liderów ACSI jest, organizowaną co roku, profesjonalną, angielskojęzyczną konferencją dla uczniów szkół średnich, zrzeszonych w ACSI.

Konferencja Młodych Liderów (SLC) 2015

Międzynarodowa Konferencja Młodych Liderów ACSI jest, organizowaną co roku, profesjonalną, angielskojęzyczną konferencją dla uczniów szkół średnich, zrzeszonych w ACSI. Kolejna konferencja odbędzie się w ośrodku Zánka nad Balatonem, na Węgrzech.

Zaplanuj uczestnictwo młodych liderów ze swojej szkoły w naszej następnej konferencji. Planujemy wspaniałą konferencję dla 380 uczestników z 18 krajów, w terminie 30 września – 3 października 2015 r. 

We are now preparing for SLC 2015! 
NOTE: Due to the restricted access to certain buildings at Zanka in September 2015, we have had to change the dates of the Student Leadership Conference. We apologize to those of you who are negatively affected by this change! Please work with us to make this transition for SLC 2015 and we will do our best to work on new dates for SLC 2016.

Registration opens on May 1st! Remember that there are 3 registration prices this year...
- A 10% DISCOUNT for early registrations from May 1 to June 15
- The STANDARD registration price from June 16 to August 28
- A 20% price INCREASE for registrations beginning August 29
- NO registrations after September 8

Will be announced by February 1 (partial scholarships available for some ACSI schools of central and eastern Europe)

A bus service will be available to and from the conference location (50€/person). *Please reserve bus service on the 2nd page of the registration form.*
Chartered busses will leave from Népliget metro station in Budapest at 1 pm and from the Liszt Ferenc Airport at 2 pm on WEDNESDAY. Return busses to Budapest are by RESERVATION ONLY.

There are good options for regional train service to the conference location (about 12€ round-trip with student ID card, 22€ full fare). See elvira.mav-start.hu/ from: Déli pu. to: Zánkafürdő. The 12:35 train requires no changes and arrives at 15:26.

You must pay the parking fee for private vehicles at Zanka of 7 Euro (2000 HUF). This does not apply if you leave your car or van outside the gate.

Student Selection: It is very important to begin your student selection well in advance. Please consider now how this will be done so that it most benefits your students and your school as a whole. The graduated pricing serves to encourage schools to think about selecting students early so that they will be better prepared for this event.  We have many ideas for helping you prepare your students for SLC, many of which are available in the document "SLC Student Preparation". We want each student to get the most out of this event, which can only happen with your excellent support, teaching and prayers.

Conference Preparation Downloads (FROM 2014):

  1. SLC Student Preparation - Valuable advice for a meaningful experience that begins NOW
  2. SLC Chaperone Prep Letter (pdf) - with logistics and contact information
  3. Chaperone Responsibilities (pdf) - for working with your student groups
  4. SLC Medical Consent Form (pdf) - REQUIRED for each participant
  5. Train Schedules (pdf) -
  6. Conference Schedule - 2014 (pdf) -
  7. SLC 2014 Program Book (pdf) -

Conference Speakers:

Bill Stevens has built a 36-year career in Christian school education, serving as Headmaster in two Christian schools.  For the past 16 years, he has lead Wilmington Christian School, in Hockessin, Delaware.  Prior to this he served with ACSI in Hungary, ministering to the Christian schools in Central and Eastern Europe. In 1999, Bill founded the very first SLC, and is thrilled to see where God has taken it.  Bill has spoken both nationally and internationally, as well as written extensively.  He has been married to his wife, Berta for 44 years, and has two grown daughters and three grandchildren.

Born and raised in central Illinois, Brad Belcher graduated from Taylor University in Upland, IN with a BS in Mathematics Secondary Education. That same year he married his college sweetheart and best friend Kathy. Over the years God has blessed Brad and Kathy with many education, business and ministry related opportunities. In 2011 Brad began serving as the Senior Pastor of the International Baptist Church of Budapest, Hungary. In 2014 Brad accepted a new call to SonLight Community Church in Angola, IN, where he is currently the senior pastor.

For school planning purposes:

Location: SLC takes place at a youth and conference center on the north bank of Lake Balaton. This allows us to serve many schools and participants in a beautiful and comfortable setting about 2 hours from the Budapest airport.Zanka reception

Transportation to the conference site is available by public bus or train from Budapest with stops right at the entrance of the camp. We also contract charter buses to transport groups from the airport or Népliget Metro for an extra fee.

On-line registration: SLC registration is available on our website beginning May 1st. Please use your school''s special registration code (sent to your school's e-mail) to begin the registration process. If you have registered for an ACSI Europe conference or SLC on-line already, you can sign in with your e-mail and then start the SLC registration with your school and personal information already on the form. The cost of the conference includes housing for 3 nights, all meals from Wednesday evening through Saturday breakfast, activities, snacks and conference fees.

Poprzez SLC chcemy:

- Wzrastać w wierze w Chrystusa
- Rozpoznawać nasze zdolności i potencjał w zakresie przywództwa
- Rozpoznawać Boże powołanie dla naszego życia
- Opracować plan działania dla naszych uczniów
- Wzmacniać sieć naszego wsparcia duchowego
- Wzmacniać nasze szkoły chrześcijańskie
- Zachęcać do zaangażowania w zakresie wzrostu duchowego i służenia Bogu 



Międzynarodowa Konferencja Liderów Edukacyjnych gromadzi liderów szkół chrześcijańskich z całej Europy i nie tylko, celem jest rozwijanie strategicznej współpracy i wzajemnej inspiracji. Tematem tego... more...



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Platforma Doskonalenia Szkół Chrześcijańskich ACSI (CSIP) tworzy społeczność szkół członkowskich ACSI, dzięki której szkoły te mogą poddawać się samoocenie, definiować cele strategiczne oraz przyczyniać się do strategicznego rozwoju partnerstwa między szkołami.

Sprawozdanie z SLC 2020

Dziękujemy za współpracę w ministerstwie ACSI Europe! Chcielibyśmy przekazać Ci aktualne informacje na temat najważniejszych wydarzeń z naszej ostatniej Konferencji Liderów Studenckich.