Christian Vocational Education Conference

Serving our communities well as Christian schools includes many types of Christian education programs. This conference will focus on the value of Christian vocational education as a means to meeting the needs of teenage vocational students in our communities.

As a school leader or an experienced educator at this event you will: vocation

  • Be encouraged in your commitment to this important, but often neglected, student group.
  • Share expertise and experiences with like-minded educators.
  • Contribute to the strengthening of Christian vocational education in Europe.
  • Learn how businesses and schools can work together to develop these students and their skills.

The event will be in Gouda, The Netherlands and includes a full schedule beginning at 9:00 on Thursday morning and finishing Friday afternoon. Reserve your place at this very special event now using the form below.

Dates: November 14-15, 2024

Location: Gouda, The Netherlands

Hoornbeek College

Noordelijk halfrond 10, Gouda / Tel. +31 (0)85 48 38 003

Registration opens soon!

The registration fee includes 2 meals, coffee breaks and all conference fees and activities.

Lodging can be arranged with a local hotel or in homes at a lower cost.


  • Experienced educators who promote a Christian vision and approach to vocational education
  • Discussion and interaction times with other school leaders
  • Workshop sessions to develop very practical topics
  • Fellowship and networking




9:00     Opening

9:45     Plenary 1

10:45   Coffee break

11:15   Discussion groups

12.30   Lunch

13:30   Plenary 2

14.00   School and Project visits

17.45   Dinner

18.45   Plenary 3

19.30   Worship time and music



9.00      Opening and devotions

9.20      Plenary 4

10:20    Coffee Break

11.00    Discussion Groups

11.45    Workshops 1

13.00    Lunch

14:00    Workshops 2

15:00    Coffee Break

15:30    Closing Session

16:30    (Leaving for home)



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Christian Vocational Education Conference 2024

14 Nov 2024 to 15 Nov 2024