International Educational Leadership Conference - February 25-28, 2015

ACSI is hosting its first International Educational Leadership Conference with the theme: Christian Schools Around Europe – Blessed by God to Bless Others. This conference is a response to a growing desire for developing practical cooperation among Christian school administrators across Europe.

ACSI International Educational Leadership Conference - February 25-28, 2015, Budapest, Hungary

"Christian Schools Around Europe – Blessed by God to Bless Others"

A Conference Report is now available! 

Our first International Educational Leadership Conference is a response to a growing desire for developing practical cooperation among Christian school administrators from various countries of Europe. 

Conference Goals:

  • Encourage / initiate international cooperation among Christian schools
  • Encourage networking among Christian school leaders
  • Exchange best practices among school leaders
  • Enhance leadership skills through plenary and workshop sessions

Over the past several years there has been a growing interest among our school directors to meet with school leaders from other countries in order to learn from each other and also to develop collaborative relationship with them. The European Union provides significant funds to facilitate such professional collaborations, but the first step is to find partner schools abroad so that together they can submit their applications. This conference will give you practical help for this collaboration. It is our desire to create a conference program that will facilitate the development of such international relationships among the participating schools.

We invite school directors, assistant directors along with the spiritual leaders and the international relations coordinators of all levels of Christian schools to participate. We believe that this event will serve our Christian school leaders in their professional and spiritual development, and will reenergize them in their God-given mission of reaching and teaching the next generation for Christ. It will be such a blessing to meet together with school leaders from all over Europe and even from other parts of the world to share, learn, encourage, pray and grow together.

Length of program: The conference will begin Wednesday evening, Feb. 25, with an evening session and conclude Friday evening after the 7:00 pm session. This will allow participants to travel to Budapest on Wednesday and leave on Saturday early or enjoy the weekend with sightseeing in Budapest.

Venue: Benczúr Hotel, Budapest, Benczúr utca 35, 1068

Conference Cost:

  Schools not in ACSI membership

ACSI member schools Western region

ACSI schools - eastern region (HU, RO, CZ, PL, SK, BG, etc.)
Double room accommodation 235 Euro / person 215 Euro 165 Euro*
Single room accommodation 295 Euro / person 275 Euro 225 Euro*
Participation only 160 Euro / person 140 Euro

90 Euro*

* ACSI subsidizes the difference with scholarships to help these schools. 

Please pay immediately to guarantee registration and lodging at the conference venue.

AUDIO AND LANGUAGE: We plan to provide live simultaneous translation with headsets at the event for Czech/Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and German. However, a knowledge of English will certainly help you connect with other schools and enjoy the full benefits of this unique conference! Please bring your director of school relations if possible.

DISPLAY: We request that directors come prepared with a small display to promote your school. This could be a self-running PowerPoint presentation, video or brochure that would communicate the potential for colaboration with your school. Please also think about ways that you want to colaborate with schools from other countries for the mutual benefit of your students and teachers. We will provide a designated space and extended break time for you to initiate these connections with other schools.

Other info: In 2015 this conference will replace the regional administrator conferences that we organize each year for certain regions.

Keynote speaker: James Drexler

James L. Drexler is currently President of the International Teachers College at Universitas Pelita Harapan in Jakarta, Indonesia. Previously, he served as Dean of Education and Social Sciences at Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Georgia from 2004-2014 before leaving to lead this new campus. He earned his Ph.D. in educational leadership at Saint Louis University and served for twenty-three years as a middle and high school teacher, coach, and administrator in St. Louis, Missouri. He has authored two books (Schools as Communities in 2007, and Nurturing the School Community in 2011)



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International Educational Leadership Conference - February 25-28, 2015

25 Feb 2015