ACSI Christian Schools Event in Poland

This event for Christian school leaders in Poland will foster strategic collaboration and mutual inspiration for the current challenges we face. The event will take place at the Proem Ministry Centre in Tomaszów.

Leadership in a Christian school is a high calling and a difficult task.  We desire to see our schools grow towards a Christian vision for education, but it is easy for a school leader to become overwhelmed by the needs and challenges they face each day.  This conference will provide participants with the opportunity connect with each other for mutual encouragement as we think about some key areas to focus on for school improvement.

Day 1 (March 18) will be for school leaders.

Day 2 (March 19) will be for both leaders and teachers.

Theme: Holding to Biblical Values in a Changing Societyteacher


April 18 - 19, 2024

Tomaszów, Poland



  • 2 Days: 70 EUR / 300 PLN
  • 1 Day: 35 E / 150 PLN 

Lodging is paid separately to the Proem Center

Lodging fees - 1 night lodging per person:
- cabin 68 zloty (minimum of 3 per cabin)
- hotel 105 zloty (minimum of 2 per room)
- villa apartment (minimum of 2 per apartament)
Single occupancy per unit is an extra charge of 50%

Conference registration online - see below

Conference goals:

  • Develop connections for mutual inspiration and growth and teachers and leaders.
  • Think strategically about growth in Christian schools, and how leaders and teachers contribute to that growth.
  • Discover common learning points and collaborate to develop strategies and expertise in these areas.
  • Grow our capacity for practical and spiritual leadership and teaching in the Christian school setting.


The conference will be conducted in Polish language, with presentations in other languages translated into Polish. Conference sessions will include time for discussion and networking with colleagues as we explore common learning points.

If you have not yet worked through the self-assessment in the Christian School Improvement Platform (CSIP) we encourage you to do this before the conference.


Petteri 2Mr. Petteri Muotka is an experienced school leader. For the last 10 years he has beenthe principal of Jyväskylä Christian School (grades 1-9, 290 pupils). He started as a PE teacher at the same school after finishing his Master of Education degree at the University of Jyväskylä. He is active a co-coordinator of the Finnish Christian Schools principals' network and developed a practical experience for the well-being of staff. Since 2017 he is member of city council and county council. 


Wednesday April 17
School leaders arrival at Proem in the evening
(Dinner and social time together)
Thursday April 18 - for school leaders
9:00                 Devotions, prayer, worship, welcome
9:30                 Plenary “Holding to Biblical Values in a Changing Society” / Group discussions 
10:30                Coffee break
11:00                Workshop 1
13:00                Lunch
14:00                Workshop 2
15:30                Coffee break
16:00                Sharing insights and ideas from the day, next steps 
18:00                Dinner
19:00                Prayer, fellowship, worship
Friday April 19 - for teachers and leaders
9:00                 Devotions, prayer, worship, welcome
9:30                 Plenary “Living out Biblical values in your classroom” / Group discussions
10:30                Coffee break
11:00                Workshop 1
13:00                Lunch
14:00                Workshop 2
15:30                Coffee break
16:00                Sharing insights and ideas from the day, next steps
18:00                Dinner
19:00                Prayer, fellowship, worship
Saturday April 20
Departure from Proem


Updated: March 20, 2024



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Polish Schools Conference

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Polish Schools Conference 2024

18 Apr 2024 to 19 Apr 2024