International Collaborative Projects

How can we engage in meaningful connections between schools, students and teachers without adding additional tasks to our full schedule?


The connections are more meaningful when we facilitate and encourage peer-learning (at both teacher and student levels) that meets the global awareness and academic goals of our schools.

Why not benefit from the passion and educational perspectives of Christian teachers in one of the accredited ACSI schools in Nigeria, or Christian teachers in the Netherlands who are building relationships with partner schools in many countries, or the fast growing Christian schools in Romania? All of this can be done in English between teachers learning together online and then your students collaborate on meaningful projects that meet the goals of your curriculum!

The International Collaborative Projects Course has the following goals:

  • Providing International collaboration opportunities at teacher and student levels
  • Helping teachers develop meaningful biblical integration in their school subject areas
  • Guiding teachers in the design of effective projects for Project Based Learning
  • Facilitating teacher investment in their students' 21st Century Learning Skills (collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication) through a biblical lens


This course is available to teachers in Europe, the US, Canada, Asia, Africa, South and Central America. We encourage you to register now to join the orientation and coordinate the project idea and possible partnerships.

Course registration is open and you may begin the course at any time during the year by establishing a project idea with a partner from another school. 

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REGISTER HERE for the online course

Project Grouping >>  Project Development >> Project Implementation
begin now Over the 4 weeks of the course your choice

This course will introduce you to the important aspects of project based learning with strong biblical integration, and provide you with the opportunity to develop a project in partnership with another course participant that you can then implement with your students. This option would suit teachers at any level of experience with project based learning even if you do not currently have a partner school or a particular project in mind.  


What is a collaborative project?

Collaborative Project Based Learning is a method of instruction which empowers students to initiate the research, plan, coordinate, and produce a solution to a real-world problem while meeting the curricular goals in the subject area. It also enables project teams to collaborate between subject areas, schools and geographic boundaries for greater project diversity and learning potential.
If you are unfamiliar with Project Based Learning, this is a perfect opportunity to learn! ACSI takes Project Based Learning ideas further to incorporate clear biblical integration and meaningful collaboration between students in various schools and countries.

Partnership and Project Design in an eLearning environment:

Teachers form teams to develop a project for their subject area, level of education, project working language, etc. In the online course, these teams study the necessary elements of project based learning. Then the teams define and develop a project to meet their curricular goals. The online course is designed to provide teachers with all the necessary support in the development of a high-quality project with biblical integration elements. 

Teams can then decide about a Project Implementation Phase:

After the teams of teachers have fully developed their projects, they begin working with their students in collaboration with the students of their team members from the online course. Successful project implementation is facilitated by regular check-points, brief reports and support from the course instructors.

Course Requirements and Fees:

  • Time frame and requirements: 3-4 hours per week for 4 weeks + time needed for project implementation (3 Continuing Education Units / 18 class hours of instruction)
  • Course fee: ONLY 20 Euros for a limited time! ACSI Europe member schools may access courses with 2 complimentary vouchers this year! Remember that ACSI member schools in Europe receive 2 complimentary 4-week courses each year.
  • The course fee includes digital versions of the reading materials and a digital certificate of completion

Normal Pricing:

80 EUR/teacher from ACSI member schools in Western countries (and international schools)
40 EUR/teacher from ACSI national member schools in Eastern European countries
120 EUR/teacher from non-member Christian schools


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