Professional Development

Teacher Training

Member schools receive priority consideration for teacher training seminars and professional teacher development planned by ACSI personnel on a national or regional basis. Teacher in-service training for specific needs can also be made available for your school upon request.

We also develop on-line training modules which could be used at any time by our member schools. All of these training options use the best methods of online instruction with peer collaboration and self-assessment which help each participant evaluate and implement the concepts and teaching methods learned.

ACSI Europe also offers an online course for teachers to develop international collaborative projects for their students.

Our list of professional development topics include:

  • Biblical Integration in the classroom
  • Mentoring programs and methods
  • Discipline and classroom management
  • Distinctives of Christian school education
  • Curriculum development
  • Quality teacher supervision for the Christian school administrator
  • Effective teaching methods
  • How to formulate and implement a Christian philosophy of education
  • Christian school management
  • Board relations, policies and responsibilities
  • Technology integration in the Christian school

Please contact us by phone or E-mail to request a visit from us for your teacher training needs.


REGIONAL CONFERENCES - The ACSI Europe Office offers both national and regional conferences for Christian teachers in Europe. Conference themes and workshop topics may include “Biblical integration in the classroom”, “discipline and classroom management”, “distinctives of Christian school education”, “curriculum development”, and “effective teaching methods”. Conferences for school leaders are also available with themes such as “The Mission of the Christian school”, “Effective School Leadership”, and “Professional Learning Communities”.

Consultation Services

  • New school consultations
  • School improvement/accreditation
  • On-site consultation support
  • Networking and partnerships
  • Prayer and encouragement

SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM – Member Schools are committed to grow in quality, seeking to improve services and maturing as a truly “Christian School”. The ACSI staff is prepared to assist the faculty and staff of each of the member schools through a process of “school improvement”, with a self-study, school evaluation and in-service training. This program has the potential of providing official ACSI accreditation, recognized for quality education in many countries.

School Partnerships

ACSI Europe encourages the development of teacher and student exchange programs, especially in cross-cultural settings. These can be developed by interested parties by first consulting our School Membership Directory.

Potential Areas for Partnership: School visits for leaders, School visits for teachers, Student exchanges and short visits, Collaborative learning projects, Cultural exchanges or festival invitations, Resource and document sharing

REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS: Collaboration commitments should be limited to 1 or 2 years. Remember that all schools have a right to decline collaboration. Please be considerate and do not ask for help or resources that have not been offered. European Union funding is available for school collaboration and this should always be your primary financial resource. ACSI Europe seeks to facilitate and encourage collaboration but is not responsible for any funding or the success of any project.

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