Course Offering - Impact of the Christian Worldview on Teaching

This is the 2nd course in our series of courses on Stephen Kaufmann’s book "First the Foundation".

Course Summary:

There is no such thing as “neutral” teaching. Our worldview determines the way we teach. During this course, we will study the teaching process and how the teacher applies a worldview in through their character, their calling, their attitudes and their activities in the classroom.

Course Title: "Impact of the Christian Worldview on Teaching"teaching small

Course Format: online professional development at:

Course Language: English

Length of Course: 4 weeks (about 3-4 hours/week)

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This course is available to anyone interested in understanding the student from a biblical perspective. You do not need to be a member of ACSI or even be currently teaching. We require a minimum of 10 participants to begin the course. Please contact us for more details or questions. 

Participation requirements and costs:

  • Time frame and requirements: 3-4 hours per week for 4 weeks (for fluent English speakers) which equals 12 class hours of instruction (2 Continuing Education Units)
  • Course fee: This depends on your ACSI membership status and region. Please see the price chart. Remember that ACSI member schools in Europe receive 2 complimentary 4-week courses each year.
  • The course fee includes digital versions of the reading materials and a digital certificate of completion.
  • If you have never taken an online class before or are unfamiliar with these topics, we recommend that you first complete our pilot course, The Mission of the Christian School.
  • You can view more details in the course syllabus (link below).


Course Objectives: Participants will…

  1. Articulate the difference between a Biblical and a non-Biblical approach to teaching.
  2. Identify the roles of the Christian teacher in the learning process.
  3. Describe appropriate methods of integrating a Biblical worldview in their teaching.
  4. Evaluate their own attitudes and approaches to teaching and learning.
  5. Prepare a personal strategy for professional development that demonstrates their integration of a biblical view of teaching.


Comments about this course from some of our participants:

Liviu (Romania) It was a good reminder of what biblical integration is. As a result of this online class, I understood better the concept of biblical worldview and how it should shape all the subjects that are taught in the school. I have started to make some steps toward making this a reality in my school.
Tanya (Ukraine) This course was wonderfully structured and organized: I was able to plan my week easily in order to complete all the assignments in time. The way the material was given made the course really clear and specific; the notes and videos for every week were very useful.