Highlights for April 2017

Current news and prayer requests from ACSI Europe

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord!

    In this edition of ACSI Europe HIGHLIGHTS I would like to give you a brief report on two trips of visiting Christian schools.
    Jesus says in Luke 17:21 "the kingdom of God is in your midst". During the two weeks before Easter, I was visiting Christian schools in the USA and in Romania. In the USA I was with 22 Christian school leaders from Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, and Hungary visiting four Christian schools. We learned a lot about what makes Christian schools effective in preparing the next generation for God's Kingdom work. Then I was visiting four Christian schools in Romania with two Christian school leaders from Holland. We met with school leaders, spoke to teachers, and student groups during our visits. I can summarise our experiences at the Christian schools best by saying that we had a chance to experience and enjoy the kingdom of God through the school communities we were visiting.

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