February 2019 Highlights

Dear ACSI Europe Friends!

We praise God for friends like you who pray for and support the ministry of ACSI Europe! Thank you for your partnership in serving the Christian schools in Europe and equipping their teachers for the ministry they are called to do.

We would like to give you an update on the highlights of our activities, and also request your prayers for some important upcoming programs.
January 3 - Teacher Training in Bodrog, Hungary
What a wonderful way to begin the new year for a Christian school!
This one-day in-service focused on the topic of Discipline in the Christian School, with special attention to Balancing Grace and Truth.

Please pray that teachers will be able to keep that balance for the benefit of their students. 
January 21-23 - Meeting in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium
Christian education leaders from across Europe gathered in the EU Parliament to discuss trends in education and the particular challenge of the sexual revolution that permeates our culture and educational content these days, which creates a significant threat to Christian schools and their curriculum. 

After listening to several reports by Christian EU MP's and lecturers, we discussed the possible implications of this to the Christian schools in our countries, and then we prayed together for wisdom and faithfulness in fulfilling our call to educate our children in the Truth.
January 27-February 3, 2019 - Global Christian School Leadership Summit, San Antonio, Texas
Prior to GCSLS conference, Laci attended ACSI Global Council meetings in San Antonio, working on ACSI Global strategies to strengthen the ACSI offices worldwide. It is encouraging to see the growing opportunities ACSI has globally.

Close to 1200 Christian education leaders attended the summit from across the world. The 2019 Summit theme was Innovation, as participants worked together to develop adaptive solutions to the current challenges and opportunities facing Christian education.

Laci also taught a workshop on Being Intentional about Student Leadership Development. Praise the Lord for the many people who attended his workshop. The workshop addressed research-based characteristics of innovative student leadership initiatives and practical examples from ACSI Europe's international student leadership development program.
A GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER - Please pray with us for the Christian school movement around the world on February 12, 2019.
ACSI Europe's Online Courses - Three Courses Started in February
Please pray for our course instructors as well as the participants for a meaningful time of learning.
  1. Christian Philosophy of Education - Europe's new online course. An 8-week course of study, which includes the writing of a "Philosophy of Christian Education" paper (required for ACSI teacher certification).
  2. God's Unfolding Story - a 9 week Bible survey course that gives teachers an overview of the biblical narrative, providing a platform for further Bible study and integration with classroom practice.
  3. International Collaborative Projects - This course introduces the important aspects of project based learning with strong biblical integration, and provides the opportunity to develop a project in partnership with another course participant that they can implement with their students. 
The International Educational Leadership Conference
We praise God for the largest registration ever for this special event. This is a bi-annual international event. This will be the third time we organize this event, and the interest keeps growing. We are expecting 210+ participants from 25+ countries!

This event is only two weeks from now, so please pray with us:
  • for the final preparations of the conference that everything will fall in place.
  • for God's wisdom and leading for all the conference speakers
  • for those who still need their visas to be able to attend
  • for unity in the hearts and minds of all participants
  • that God would be honored through this event.
THANK YOU for your ongoing prayers and support of ACSI Europe's ministry!

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