March 2022 Ministry Highlights

Dear Friends,
Special greetings to you from the ACSI Europe Team in Budapest!

Thank you for praying with us for IELC to be a LIVE EVENT, which we have not been able to host since Covid-19 moved all of us into the virtual world. We are so grateful to God for allowing us to come together in Budapest for the International Educational Leadership Conference (IELC 2022) from March 2-5. The conference was offered in a hybrid format with 90 participants present, and 40 participants joining us online; all representing 24 countries.

The conference theme was Leading for Stronger Communities - The Role of the Christian School Leader in Challenging Times. The theme was selected at the time when we thought that the major challenges we are facing are the results of Covid restrictions, online education, separation from each other in our communities, and also the growing pressure posed by the global gender and identity movements. However, with the Russian invasion on Ukraine -happening next door to us- we realized that that we all needed to hear from the Lord and connect with each other, share our hearts, concerns and prayers with each other more than we had ever thought. It was inspiring to listen to the five keynote sessions, super seminars and workshops, interact with each other during the two School Collaboration and Networking sessions, listen to a panel discussion on how godly leadership can make a difference even in the most challenging situations. Of course, having a meaningful conversation over a coffee or during a meal time, was among the highlights of this event. We also appreciated so many people connecting the event online. There was a vibrant discussion during the sessions among the online participants as well.

Please enjoy the photos from the event, and thank the Lord with us for His special blessing. 
Visit our IECL 2022 Event App -developed by our office- for more details on the program and the speakers.
Visit the following LINK to view all the conference photos.

Please continue to pray for the Christian school leaders in Europe and elsewhere.

Steve Beegoo
Head of Education for Christian Concern and Chief Executive Officer for the Christian Schools' Trust in the UK
Liviu Căprar
ACSI Europe Educational Consultant and Executive Secretary for EurECA. Liviu is from Romania.
Prof. James C. Kennedy
An American historian, who grew up in the United States, and has been a university professor in the Netherlands since 2003.
ielc discussionDiscussion time
School Collaboration and Networking
School Collaboration and Networking
Great conversations over a coffee
Visit the IELC 2022 Event App for more details

Please pray for the following upcoming events:

  • March 6-14 - Laci attending Converge 2022 in San Diego and the Global Council meetings
  • March 10 - ACSI Europe Online Prayer
  • April 9 - Romanian Regional Teacher Conference
  • May 12 - ACSI Europe Online Prayer
  • Please continue to pray for an increased engagement of our member schools in using the new Christian School Improvement Platform for their benefit and growth
With much love and appreciation,
for the ACSI Europe Team

Posted: Mar. 7, 2022