As an association committed to strengthening your Christian school, our desire is to help you answer your biggest questions:

  1. How can we implement a philosophy and model of Christian education that prepares students academically and inspires them to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ?
  2. How can we meet and surpass the educational standards, curriculum requirements and legal concerns of our community while being fully Christian in our approach to education?
  3. How can we collaborate with other Christian schools and organizations in our region for mutual support and student achievement?
  4. How can we pray effectively for and enjoy real fellowship with the world-wide community of Christian schools for the glory of God and fulfilling our role in His great Purpose?


To address these questions, we provide member services, publications and events to all our member schools. If you have a specific need, please contact us and we will do our best to serve you and your school.

School Membership

You are invited to join ACSI as a member school. This allows you priority access to all our services:

  • Networking and collaboration with the global community of Christian schools
  • Training and professional development for Christian school leaders and teachers
  • National and regional conferences for teachers and leaders
  • On-site school services (training/lecture/consultation)
  • Continuous strategic school improvement strategies that impact both the philosophy and practice of education
  • Prayer support, news and encouragement through ACSI publications and communication
    - and English language services:
  • Online courses for teachers
  • Student Leadership Conferences (for ages 13-18)
  • Online training for student leaders


We have an on-line version of the school membership form available in several languages. Please use this for NEW ACSI SCHOOL membership applications. After completing the school membership form, please set up a personal account on our website using your new school code for access to member school pricing and resources.

To renew your school membership, please use the Membership Renewal Form(You must use your school membership code on this form.)


Individual User Accounts

  1. User accounts for member schools: This will provide you with communication about ACSI Europe events and services including the online learning opportunities and collaboration. You also have access to member discounts for conferences and training. BE SURE TO USE YOUR SCHOOL CODE when you create an account so that your personal account is connected to your school's member status.
  2. Accounts for users not connected to member schools: You are invited to create a free personal account on this website. This will provide you with communication about ACSI Europe events and services including online learning opportunities.