Professional Resources

  • A blog to promote interaction and the sharing of ideas on issues relevant to Christian education in the 21st century
  • Articles on education and the Christian school communityteaching small
  • Newsletters to encourage prayer support for the growing community of Christian schools
  • Publications including books in several languages on Christian education, philosophy and practice


Events and Training


Promotional Services

  • Prayer, networking and encouragement
  • Sharing the value of Christian education
  • Promoting Christian school distinctives
  • Encouraging home-school-church partnerships


Detailed Descriptions:

PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES - The purpose of ACSI Professional Resources is to provide an understanding and basis for applying a Christ-centered perspective on education, especially for continued professional training and development. We  provide articles, periodic newsletters and publications. We also have an extensive list of workshops and presentations and often develop more to meet your current needs.

The ACSI Europe Blog promotes interaction and the sharing of ideas between our members on issues that are relevant to Christian education in the 21st century. Here you will find short posts that present ideas or questions, or links to longer articles, which invite comments and further discussion.

Publications - Professional materials and resource books are being published in various languages and made available to teachers at events and on our website. Our desire is to promote a deep understanding of Christian education throughout our community of schools.


CONFERENCES - The ACSI Europe Office hosts conferences for Christian school leaders and for Christian teachers in Europe. The Student Leadership Conference is also available for all member schools and the International ACSI schools which addresses concepts of Christian leadership for over 400 secondary students each year.

TEACHER TRAINING - Member schools will receive priority consideration for teacher training seminars planned by ACSI personnel, on a national or regional basis. Teacher on-site training for specific needs can also be made available for your school or city, upon request and as time permits. Courses are also available online with more information at: training/online-training

ACSI Europe offers an online course for teachers to develop international collaborative projects for their students with the following goals:

  • Providing International collaboration opportunities at teacher and student levels (with discounts for ACSI member schools)
  • Helping teachers develop meaningful biblical integration in their school subjects to facilitate character and spiritual formation of their students
  • Learning how to design effective projects for Project Based Learning
  • Developing your students' 21st Century Learning Skills (collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication)


SCHOOL TO SCHOOL COLLABORATION - ACSI Europe encourages the development of teacher and student exchange programs, especially in cross-cultural settings. These can be developed by interested parties by first consulting our School Membership Directory.

STUDENT SERVICES - Our annual Student Leadership Conferences bring students from Christian schools together for inspiration, encouragement and motivation in their responsibilities as Christian leaders. In 2012 we began an on-line leadership training program which provides quality instruction in English for students who are interested in understanding principals of Christian leadership.