Articles on this page are intended to provide perspectives on education and the Christian school community and may be adapted from ACSI publications or other sources of interest.

Rethinking Assessment

What a school decides to measure is particular to each school and expresses what that school community values in the realms of academics, social, physical, and spiritual development.

Changing Instructional Culture

Changing Instructional Culture: A New Principal’s List of Do’s and Don’ts is a call for school leaders to carefully plan for and invest in professional development for their teaching staff. This was written for the ACSI blog by Thelma Ensink, principal at Calvin Christian Middle and High Schools, Michigan.

Expected Student Outcomes

If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time. To develop meaningful student outcomes, we must prioritize both process and content.

Innovation and Missional Faithfulness

With over 25 countries represented by GCSLS attendees, our political, cultural, and societal contexts certainly differ across the world, but our mission as believers does not—to engage in the Great Commission, and to fulfill the Greatest Commandment.

Two Skills Every Student Needs

Almost every educator I interact with these days faces a tension between two realities ...

Focus on Partnerships

The apostle Paul's partnership with the Christians in Philippi has a lot to teach us about establishing genuine partnership today.

Reaching the Heart

Reaching the heart of students is vital for Christian educators if we are going to fulfill the Christian school mission.

A Global Perspective for Christian Schools

David Wilcox (ACSI Global) challenges Christian schools to think beyond their own cultures and geography to impact their world for Christ.

Envisioning the 21st-Century Christian School

What knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values will today’s students need to thrive and shape their world?

Why Christian School

A true Christian school is set up to think, create, feel, design curriculum, present lessons, disciple kids, and partner with parents in a completely different way.
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