ACSI offers the following services directly to students: 

  1. Student Leadership Conference
  2. On-line leadership training program
  3. Mentoring Emerging Leaders program
  4. Lectures and training for students
  5. Cross-cultural ministry opportunities in coordination with partner organizations and member schools


1. Student Leadership Conference

Our annual Student Leadership Conference is an international event for ACSI member schools that takes place in Hungary at the end of September. This is a unique opportunity for high school students to grow in their faith and in their leadership skills, and to fellowship and worship together with like-minded young people from many nations. You can find detailed information and the registration link here. Registration opens on May 1st each year.

Who can attend?

SLC is open for ACSI member schools only. Space may be limited so early registration is advisable.

We expect students from 15-18 years of age who are open to a relationship with Christ and have leadership potential. This is an English language conference, so participants must speak English at least at a conversational level. Schools must also provide at least one English speaking adult chaperone to accompany the students. The chaperone takes full responsibility for the safety, well-being and conduct of the students while serving to interact directly with and support the students in their understanding of the teaching and its application in their school context. The chaperone also serves as the contact person who registers the group for the conference and is involved in preparing the students. Knowledge of ENGLISH is ESSENTIAL!

It is very important to begin your student selection well in advance to effectively prepare the group for the conference.


Registration fees cover lodging (mostly 6-8-bed rooms), food (4 times a day) and conference materials. Participants must arrange and pay for their own travel as an additional cost.

The conference fee depends on the the package chosen and the time of registration.  Donations enable us to subsidize the participation of students from Central and Eastern Europe, who can in this way attend the conference for a lower fee (in limited numbers).  

  • - Early Registration: May 1 - June 15, 5% discount
  • - Normal Registration: June 16 - late August, standard price
  • - Late Registration: before Sept 10, 20% added cost!


See the registration fees and available packages for your region on our event page.

SLC Goals:

  • SLC seeks to help its participants (students and chaperones alike) grow in their personal walk with Christ and in their commitment to serving God. This is particularly encouraged by the worship and theme-oriented plenary sessions and follow-up discussions.
  • SLC seeks to help Christian student leaders identify leadership skills and potentials that God has placed in them for His purposes and for their benefit (through plenary, workshop, and discussion group sessions).
  • SLC seeks to help students recognize God's call on their lives to lead now while preparing to lead in the future, impacting their world for Christ (through testimonies and examples of leaders moved and empowered by God).
  • SLC seeks to guide students in developing a personal plan for growth, identifying steps for applying what they learn in both their personal lives and in their circles of influence. (What does God want me to do? Will I commit to following Him no matter what?)
  • SLC seeks to strengthen the students' structure of support through building community in the school's student leadership team and between schools of different countries and languages within a setting of love and Christian grace and fellowship (through quality group activities, dedicated interaction times, discussion and prayer groups, and school debriefing times).
  • SLC seeks to strengthen Christian schools through the commitment and service of those students who participate in the SLC event and through others whose lives are impacted as a result (through implementation of each school's action plan).
  • SLC seeks to encourage professional growth among chaperones through professional development seminars during the conference and opportunities to interact deeply with their students and with each other.


2. On-line leadership training program

ACSI Europe would like to provide teachers with an additional resource as we look at the potential needs of our students and Christian schools. Students need opportunities to grow and that only happens with a mentor or leader who can guide them and put them into positions of responsibility. In 2012 we began an on-line student leadership training program which provides quality instruction in English for students who are interested in understanding the principals of christian leadership. We make this available to member schools who are participating in our SLC program. Instruction takes place in a virtual environment and uses a variety of methods for instruction and application and includes forums for discussion between participants. 

3. Mentoring Emerging Leaders

The MEL (Mentoring Emerging Leaders) program is ACSI Europe's new service to strengthen and encourage young leaders as they mature in their faith and in their leadership abilities. We are looking for emerging young leaders who have a high level of commitment to identify and develop their leadership abilities, and who are seeking God’s will for their life and career. This program will help them grow in their personal walk with Christ, identify their leadership potential, and develop this potential to become a reality for the glory of God and for creating public value in their communities. Learn more about this program and register here.

4. Lectures and training for students

During school visits, ACSI speakers are happy to address students with topics on faith, character development and leadership. 

Some lectures are available on our media channels: Portrait of a Leader from ACSI Europe

5. Cross-cultural ministry opportunities

ACSI Europe promotes cross-cultural ministry opportunities that deepen the faith and Christian life experiences of students. New strategies are continually being implemented to give our European students meaningful ministry experiences and training. Much of this happens in the context of school partnerships that may develop through our online teacher training or conferences and events.