We believe that the heart of Christian education is the Christian teacher and that these teachers may achieve their full potential when they are able to integrate Christian character(1) with Christ-centered educational practices(2). This integration of faith and practice requires committed training.

Online Teacher Trainingteaching small

ACSI Europe provides on-line professional development courses using a Moodle platform. All courses use the latest methods of online instruction with peer collaboration and self-assessment, which help each participant fully engage with the concepts and teaching methods. Courses are delivered through our Moodle platform at: acsieu.org/moodle


International Collaborative Projects

ACSI Europe offers an online course for teachers to develop international collaborative projects for their students.


On-site and Blended Professional Development Options

Member schools receive priority consideration for teacher training seminars and professional teacher development with ACSI personnel.


Conferences and Events

The ACSI Europe office hosts Events for Christian school leaders teachers and students in our region.


(1) Christian character might be defined as the deep connection between correct beliefs about God and the disposition and attitudes that flow from our lives in every situation and relationship.

(2) Christ-centered educational practice reflects the value of the student as well as the value of the curriculum with a clear perspective that "all truth is God's truth". Every aspect of school life and learning should point the student toward God's love and truth and inspire a calling to His service. These things happen usually because of the relationships that develop between the students and the teacher.