ACSI Highlights - January 2018

A report on ACSI Europe activities for January 2018 with prayer requests

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Dear ACSI Europe Friends!

For the sixth year in January, Christian school leaders gathered in the European Parliament in Brussels to meet with Christian MEP's (Members of the European Parliament) to report and discuss the challenges Christian schools are facing in the various countries of Europe. ACSI Europe is blessed to be part of this important meeting.

Topics usually involve freedom of education, Christian schools and their role in the post-Christian Europe, political agendas threatening Christian schools, and such.

Mr. László TõkésMr. László Tõkés, one of our MEP speakers of this year's meeting, captured the essence of the greatest challenges the European Christian community is facing today. He said, "In the context of the above, the escalation of migration and the rapid spread of Islam do not imply as much an external threat, but rather it confronts us with our internal weaknesses and the reality of our own crises. In other words, we should not beware of the power of "foreign gods" and of Islam - but rather the terrifying weakening of our own Christian faith, culture, identity, and moral standing.". This statement is powerful because Christian schools are called to make a difference, and a positive impact on society exactly in the above mentioned areas, the Christian faith, culture, identity, and morality.

Let us pray that our Christian schools and communities could be revitalized for the enormous task ahead of them. 

While in the region, Paul Madsen and Laci Demeter also visited five Christian schools in the Netherlands who recently connected to ACSI through the partnership agreement between ACSI Europe and the Reformed Christian Schools (7 schools, 25 campuses, nearly 2300 teachers and 22.500 students) in Holland.

Our first visit was at Gomarus Christian School, where we met with the students who attended the ACSI International Student Leadership Conference (SLC) in September. It was exciting to hear from them on how they are implementing their Action Plan they developed as part of the conference. At the end of our meeting, we prayed together to be courageous as they seek to revitalize their Christian school community through prayer and loving encouragement for each other.

Our next stop was at Revius Campus of Wartburg College in Rotterdam. The Guido de Brès campus has been quite involved in ACSI activities, especially in the Student Leadership Conferences for several years.
We had the opportunity to meet with the school's leadership about how ACSI Europe's services might broaden the school's connections within the global Christian school community.
We also had a chance to share with students about our ministry focus, and the possibility of the school's involvement in SLC in September this year.

It was a pleasure to also visit Calvijn College in Goes (Zeeland area). The school has seven campuses, and over 3000 students. School leaders have participated in ACSI Europe's International Educational Leaders Conference in Budapest in March 2017, which built strong bridges between ACSI and the school. The school also sent a student group to SLC in 2017. 
We met with the headmaster of the school, Mr. Bert Vogel (picture above), and the leader for international relationships, Leo Kosten. it was exciting to learn about the school's excellent program, and commitment to participating and serving through the international collaborations. We also met with the students who represented the school at SLC this past September.
Leo Kosten invited us to stay in their home for the night, which gave us the opportunity to share and pray together about many things, as well as to go for a two hour bike ride by the sea Saturday morning (see picture). 

Our first time visit at the Amersfoort Campus of Van Lodenstein College allowed us to share with the school's leadership team about how the school might benefit from the services of ACSI Europe. We look forward to welcoming them to our international leadership events, their teachers to our online international collaborative projects, and their student group to our student leadership conference in the near future.

Our last stop on this trip was at Driestar College in Gouda. We met with school leaders, discussed the results and benefits of the school's participation in SLC, the possibility of the school participating in ACSI's online international collaborative projects, and other opportunities. It was a special blessing to meet with some of the students who came to SLC in September 2017, and found it a life changing experience. We pray that God would continue His good work in and through those students.
Please pray with us:
February 22-23 - Hungarian Administrators Conference - Budapest, Hungary. The theme of the conference is “The Instruments of Influence on Spiritual and Character Formation”. Please pray for our speakers from the Netherlands, Germany, and also for the ACSI speakers: Leslie Johnson and Laci Demeter.
March 7-9 - PL/CZ/SK Administrators Conference - Katowice, Poland. This leadership conference focuses on school improvement, with special focus on character, values, and spiritual formation of students and student services. Please pray for our keynote speaker, Mike Epp from ACSI HQ, and our speaker from the Netherlands, and our staff member, Leslie Johnson.
March 15-17 - Romanian Administrators Conference - Cluj Napoca, Romania. The conference theme is "Leadership Challenge", and will discuss five aspects of Christian school leadership. Please pray for our keynote speaker: Laci Demeter, our guest speaker from the Netherlands, and our speakers from Romania. 
March 24 - Romanian Regional Teachers Conference - Pascani, Romania.

Please pray that many Christian teachers will come, and be encouraged in their professional and spiritual growth through this special event.

THANK YOU for your ongoing prayers and support of ACSI Europe's ministry!

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