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Program Description:

ACSI Europe member schools desire to develop and offer international collaborative projects for their students. ACSI is facilitating this initiative with the following goals:

  • Providing International collaboration opportunities at teacher and student levels (with discounts for ACSI member schools)
  • Helping teachers develop meaningful biblical integration in their school subjects to facilitate character and spiritual formation of their students
  • Learning how to design effective projects for Project Based Learning
  • Developing your students' 21st Century Learning Skills (collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication)

To meet this need, ACSI Europe is offering a Moodle based course for teachers. This online course offers high-quality methodological training combined with biblical integration using Project Based Learning. Course participants partner with each other in developing a project as part of their course assignments. These subject-related collaborative projects will then be implemented by their students.

This 8-week course has two phases:

Phase One: Partnership and Project Design Phase

Course applicants are those paired project partners who formed a team using our Project Registration page to develop a project for their subject area, level of education, project working language, etc. In the online course, participants study the necessary elements of project based learning. Then the teams define and develop a project of their preference. The online course is designed to provide teachers with all the necessary support in the development of a high-quality project with biblical integration elements. 

Phase Two: Project Implementation Phase

After the teams of teachers have fully developed their projects, they begin working with their students in collaboration with the students of other team members from the online course. Successful project implementation is facilitated and guaranteed by regular check-points, brief reports, and support by the course instructors.

Length of the Online Course:

4 weeks of project development + 4 weeks of project implementation
Courses begin in each semester (October and February)
Courses end in the same semester when the projects are complete (usually after 8 weeks)


100 EUR/teacher from ACSI member schools in Western countries 
150 EUR/teacher from non-member Christian schools in Western countries
20 EUR/teacher from ACSI member schools in Eastern-European countries

A 50% discount applies on all the above prices for the participants of the first five projects! (successfully paired project partners)

Further Details:

Who is this program for?
Christian school teachers who wish to involve their students in international subject-based collaborative projects.
Teachers of elementary-, middle-, and high schools may participate, Obviously, middle, and high school students are more mature for such collaborative projects.

What languages are used?
Instruction and project development will be in English this time, but your students may use other languages for project implementation. 
In the future, we would like to expand this program to include all 30 offices of ACSI around the world, and the thousands of our member schools in the 105 countries where ACSI is present.

What is the process of registration?
Please fill out the registration form, to register as a project owner (who proposes the project) or join one of the proposed projects as a project partner (who joins a proposed project). Once the project owner and the project partner agree about all details regarding the project topic and timing, you may begin your online course. During the first part of the online course, you and your project partner will develop a high-quality project with the help of the online course instructor. Once the project is developed, you and your project partner will work with your student groups implementing the project collaboratively.

What subjects are included in the collaborative projects?
You can collaborate with other schools in any school subject. You will have to indicate your subject preferences in the registration form.

What time commitment should I expect when I sign up for this e-Learning course?
This 8-week course will require approximately 4 hours per week. The first four weeks are used to develop your collaborative project working together with another participant, while the second four weeks are committed to implementing your project with your students working in collaboration with the students of your colleague with whom you developed the project.

All developed and completed projects will be posted on the ACSI webpage for future reference for our Christian teachers.

-- You may write to Laci Demeter for more information at

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