ACSI Europe Teacher Training Institutes - The following courses are developed for teachers of grades 1-12. Please contact us by email for pricing and scheduling information.

COURSE Nr 3: Teachers with a Mentor’s Attitude for Student Success

Teaching hours: 30 (45 minutes each)

Short description: The course helps teachers to teach their students with a mentor’s attitude, to prepare them to become mentors of their students, and to improve their students’ achievement and character development. 

Course Topics:

  1. Knowing Our Students
  2. Character development, social/emotional development, behavior/discipline
  3. Improving academic success
  4. Teachers as mentors


COURSE Nr 2: Christian Principles and Strategies for Elementary & High School Education

Teaching hours: 30 (45 minutes each)

Short description: The course helps teachers respond to the challenges of the postmodern era within the framework of Christian school education.

Course Topics:

  1. A Biblically Integrated Life
  2. Student Motivation
  3. Effective Planning of Instruction
  4. Authentic Teaching and Assessment of Student Learning
  5. Assessment of Effective Teaching


COURSE Nr 1: Effective Teaching Strategies in the Christian School

Teaching hours: 30 (45 minutes each)

Short description: The course equips teachers with effective teaching strategies based on a Biblical worldview and its implications to learning and teaching.

Course Topics:

  1. The Impact of the Christian Worldview on Teaching 
  2. Brain-compatible Teaching and Learning
  3. Individual Differences in Learning
  4. Cooperative Learning Techniques
  5. Assessment and Evaluation


ACSI Europe also offers an online course for teachers to develop International Collaborative Projects for their students with the following goals:

  • Providing International collaboration opportunites at teacher and student levels (with discounts for ACSI member schools)
  • Helping teachers develop meaningful biblical integration in their school subjects to facilitate character and spiritual formation of their students
  • Learning how to design effective projects for Project Based Learning
  • Developing your students' 21st Century Learning Skills (collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication)


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