God’s Unfolding Story - Online Course

This course provides an essential biblical framework for teachers who have not had significant training in biblical theology.

Why Christian teachers study the Bible together

Growing in our understanding of the grand narrative and themes of the Bible is important if we wish to be integrating our classroom practice with a biblical worldview. However, this can be a challenge for busy teachers! One helpful way forward is to do it together, reading God's Word together and learning from each other as we share questions and insights. Bible courses offered through ACSI Europe's e-learning aim to promote this "learning together" from the Bible.

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Course Title: "God’s Unfolding Story"

Course Format: online course (at: https://acsieu.org/moodle )

Course Language: English

Length of Course: 9 weeks (about 2 hours/week plus reading)

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This course is available to anyone interested in the course content. You do not need to be a member of ACSI or even be currently teaching. We require a minimum of 10 participants to begin the course. Please contact us for more details or questions. 

Course Description: This course explores the unified and unfolding nature of the biblical narrative through its significant events, characters and themes. Participants will read selected portions of Scripture, and consider how they fit together as a whole. This will be supported by readings from a succinct and carefully designed text as well as summary videos, and interaction with other participants in an asynchronous online learning environment. The course concludes with an opportunity for students to summarize and clarify their learning through designing a presentation that could be used to share the narrative with students of the age group they interact with the most in their school.

Participation requirements and costs:

  • Time frame and requirements: about 2 hours per week plus reading for 9 weeks (for fluent English speakers) which equals 18 class hours of instruction (2.67 Continuing Education Units)
  • Course fee: This depends on your ACSI membership status and region. Please see the price chart.
  • The course fee does not include the course text (A Doubters Guide to the Bible, by John Dickson).
  • If you have never taken an online class before or are unfamiliar with these topics, we recommend that you first complete our pilot course, The Mission of the Christian School.
  • You can view more details in the course syllabus (link below).


Course Objectives: Participants will…

  1. Develop an understanding of the Bible as a unified account of God and His world.
  2. Trace the unfolding of major themes throughout the biblical narrative.
  3. Explain the role that key figures in the biblical narrative played in God’s unfolding plan of salvation, and how those figures point to the person and work of Jesus.
  4. Identify ways in which the major themes of the biblical narrative impact the teacher’s thinking about and practice of education.
  5. Share what they are learning from the Bible and interact with the insights of other course participants.
  6. Collaborate with fellow course participants to develop a presentation that could be used to outline the biblical narrative to students.


How can I grow as a teacher?

To meet the commitment of investing in your own growth and learning as a professional Christian teacher, there are a variety of resources you can explore. Here are some valuable options to consider:

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