CSIP Academy

INSPIRING School Improvement

October 16-18, 2024 - Budapest


ACSI Europe invites you, as a valued school leader, to a unique event.

At CSIP Academy you will engage in a collaborative, professional experience that will inspire you as you work to implement a clear vision for Christian education.  In each session you will receive an overview of a key school improvement topic, followed by a choice of collaborative workshop sessions led by experienced presenters that explore an element of the key topic. In these workshop sessions you will have time for discussion, reflection, sharing best practices and planning meaningful implementation steps for your own school context.

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Program Goals:

At CSIP Academy you will...

  • Build connections with other like-minded school leaders for mutual support and collaboration. 
  • Develop a new depth of understanding and application of the school improvement process. 
  • Prepare for strategic conversations with your leadership team and school community. 
  • Be inspired with space for prayer, reflection and planning. 


Program Details:

The event begins with lunch on Wednesday and ends with lunch on Friday. It is a working conference which allows for deep reflection and discussion of ideas with your school leadership team and with leaders from other schools about guiding the process of school improvement.

The program consists of several sessions.  Each session involves:

  • A helpful and practical presentation on the process of self-assessment and school improvement for the effective implementation of a Christian vision for education.
  • A choice of workshops after each presentation will give you opportunities to learn and grow with your team and other leaders. These sessions involve facilitated collaboration and reflection where each participant develops an action step related to the topic or focus area.
  • Please note that discussions during the event will be facilitated in English to build community and interaction. Translation is not provided.
  • A more detailed schedule is available here.


Introduction - Inspiring School Improvement

Session 1: Philosophy and Foundations of the Christian School 

- followed by group discussion/application in 1 of 2 workshop options

 Session 2: Leadership and Personnel in the Christian School 

- followed by group discussion/application in 1 of 2 workshop options

Session 3: Teaching and Learning in the Christian School

- followed by group discussion/application in 1 of 2 workshop options

Session  4: Spiritual Formation in the Christian School

- followed by group discussion/application in 1 of 2 workshop options

Session  5: Enriching the Ongoing School Improvement Process


Who should come to CSIP Academy?

  • Head of School
  • Instructional and Operational Leaders
  • Emerging Leaders (e.g. Senior teachers, assistant principals, team leaders)
  • Board/Governance Members


Quotes from participants who attended in 2023:

  • I'm so thankful for ... tools like CSIP and events like INSPIRE to provide practical help and encouragement to schools.
  • I'm very impressed by the work of ACSI and the intentional effort to help schools grow and improve. This gets me even more excited about Christian education as a whole. I am very encouraged by this conference.


The Christian School Improvement Platform (CSIP)

ACSI Europe has developed a multi-lingual tool to support school communities through identifying strengths and weaknesses in a setting of strategic professional support between member schools and partner organizations. Our goal is to increase the effectiveness of Christian schools as each one shares and implements their vision throughout their teaching and learning communities. You can read more about CSIP here.


Location: Inárcs, Hungary

  • Our conference venue includes hotel options as well as meals for participants.
  • Please book your own lodging based on your preferences at Flow Hotel www.flowhotel.hu/en/
  • Be sure to inform the hotel that you are attending the ACSI event to receive your discount. 



Note that prices do not include accommodation

Please wait until July 15 to confirm your travel arrangements. 


ACSI Europe members Western region

ACSI schools - central Europe (HU, RO, CZ, PL, SK, UA) plus FR, CH and BE

Cost per person, no lodging included

245€ / person through July 15

295 EUR / person after July 15

* 195 EUR / person as a special promotion for lower resourced member schools in Eastern and Central Europe

* These participants receive a scholarship to help cover the costs of this event.

All registrations include 2 dinners, 3 lunches, 5 coffee breaks, access to main sessions, workshops, materials, the digital resources and networking and access to the CSIP.


Payment and Cancellation Policy:

  • Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer after August 1.
  • No refunds or cancellations after September 15.

Updated on July 16, 2024


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CSIP Academy 2024

16 Oct 2024 to 18 Oct 2024