The times are “dark”, but Christian schools in Europe are growing

ACSI Europe leaders, Laci Demeter and Paul Madsen, participated in meetings with 30 other Christian education leaders in January 2024 at the EU Parliament. These meetings take place every year and are hosted by VGS and VEBS at the invitation of a Dutch MEP. The following summary provides a snapshot of the longer article on CNE News.

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The Brussels Considerations on Tuesday in the European Parliament in Brussels. Photo CNE, Joe-Lize Kruijsse-Brugge

The Brussels Considerations conference brought together Christian school leaders from 13 EU member states, marking the first time in years that the number of Christian schools is on the rise. Pieter Moens, chair of the Association for Reformed Education in the Netherlands (VGS), noted that after a decade of stagnation, plans for new schools are underway in Sweden, the UK, and Spain, despite challenges such as Sweden's hostile political climate towards religious schools.

Germany, in particular, is seeing significant growth, with plans for 5 new Christian schools this year. In Switzerland, although Evangelical schools face obstacles like financial constraints and teacher shortages, there is renewed interest, with two groups seeking to establish new schools. In Albania, Christian education is emerging, but financial support from the government is lacking. Similar challenges are reported in Belgium, Spain and Austria, where Christian schools struggle to find enough teachers who share their vision.

These developments reflect a broader European trend, driven by concerns over liberal approaches to gender and sexuality in public schools. In response, parents seek alternatives that align with their values. Additionally, in countries without established Christian schools, efforts focus on equipping Christian educators in public schools to impart Christian values to students. Despite challenges, there is a growing recognition of the importance of Christian education in Europe and a commitment to expanding its reach. The mission of Christian schools is not only to provide students with a foundation for life and learning that is based on the realities of both the spiritual and physical world, but also to instill a true sense of identity and purpose that recognizes the image of God in every individual and the responsibility we have to care for others and the world around us.

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