The Essential Christian Teacher Course 2023

We are pleased to invite applications for The Essential Christian Teacher course in the new academic year. After a break of 18 months, we relaunched the course in September 2022 in a hybrid version of some face-to-face meetings but with the majority of the sessions being delivered via Zoom. We are pleased to be able to create again a nurturing learning community for staff in our schools in the Christian Schools’ Trust.

Some of you will be aware of the course and that you will all have members of staff in your schools who have previously benefited from the course before our enforced break imposed by Covid restrictions. The course starts with a face-to-face meeting in the north and south for the first session, followed by three Zoom sessions and a joint get together for the fifth session in the midlands.

The dates will be:

Session 1: The Purpose of EducationYear 1 North22nd September – Meeting at Bradford Christian SchoolYear 1 South29th September – Venue (TBC)Session 2: The ChildOnline1st December 2023

Session 3: The TeacherOnline

2nd February 2024

Session 4: The ClassroomOnline

22nd MarchSession 5: The Importance of Worldview

Session 531st May – Face-to face Meeting (Venue TBC)


The cost of the course will be £60 per session. All materials will be provided through a google classroom digital platform.

The ECT runs for 10 sessions over a two-year period.

Enrolment or further questions is accessed through a request for an application form from Therese Tinnion, the Christian Schools’ Trust administrator at


The closing date for applications is Monday 3rd July 2023

We are looking forward to continuing the ministry of this unique teacher training programme and seek to serve you in three ways:

  • by increasing your practical understanding of how you can function effectively in your classroom in your Christian school
  • by helping you think through your understanding of Christ centered faith-integrated learning
  • and lastly by helping you understand your calling and identity as a Christian teacher as part of your wider journey as a child of God. We have found that this third outcome is the one that brings the most lasting and permanent change and benefit for those who have previously taken the course.


We would love to invest in you over these two years.

2 Timothy 2:15 - Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

Phill Moon

Course Director

The Essential Christian Teacher


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