Dear Praying Friends!

Loving greetings from ACSI Europe! We just completed our 20th Student Leadership Conference with 396 participants! We would love to share some of the highlights from this special event with you. Thank you for your support of our ministry, and especially this event that reaches a large group of young people, the future leaders of our countries!

Students and chaperones were surprised and blessed by the many people who were praying for them by name, even though they had never met in person. Thank you for your prayers and generous support of this special event.
Enjoy this short video (2 mins) as an introduction to the various program elements of the conference.
General Sessions
The theme of the conference was "THE PATH OF LEADERSHIP". The five plenary sessions addressed five important aspects of leadership:
1. Relationship with Jesus Christ and people around us
2. Making the right choices
3. Using the opportunities that God provides along the path
4. Withstanding the trials with God's help
5. Commitment to growth by working on all of the above daily.
There is nothing like 400 people worshiping our Lord! Many students mentioned in their feedback how much they were blessed by worshiping with so many people from so many nations!
slc2018 groups
Discussion Groups
Students worked with questions related to the general session topics in their discussion groups. There were 36 discussion groups this time. This is where students get to know each other as they work together. We were blessed to have beautiful weather throughout the conference.
Chaperone Discussion and Prayer Time
While the students are working in their discussion groups, chaperones are also praying for their students in groups and discuss how to make the conference the most meaningful to their students.
Students had three workshop sessions, each with 11 offerings to choose from. These interactive workshops provided opportunities for students to learn and grow in several aspects of leadership.
School Action Plans
The last day of the conference, each school group presents their action plan (which they developed during the conference) in front of the other students in groups of 100. 
Many student action plans had to do with developing or strengthening the student prayer life at their schools. ACSI Europe hopes to follow through these plans during the rest of the school year through an online platform encouraging and helping the students to be successful with their plans.
Some of the feedback from the students
It is always exciting to read the feedback forms as students and chaperones reflect on the blessings of the conference. Here is one that says so much. God was truly working in the hearts and minds of all of us.

"The time at the SLC made a gigantic impact on my life, and I think being a discussion leader played a large role in that. As I shared with my classmates at the end of the conference: when I came to the SLC I knew I was a christian, when I left I knew I wanted to be one for the rest of my life."

Soli Deo Gloria!

Please Pray for our Next International Leadership Event

We are excited about the opportunity that our International Educational Leadership Conference will provide for Christian school leaders from all of Europe and beyond. 
We will focus on the theme of "Partnerships for Increased Impact", and seek the Lord's guidance for increasing the impact our Christian schools can make for the Kingdom of God if we learn together, work together, pray for each other, and seek His will together. We live in a time when we need each other more than anytime in history before.
Conference information:
Please Pray for our Upcoming Events
  • October 6-7 - School Services in Gliwice, Poland - Alan and Malinda Brown
  • October 8-9 - School Services in Kosice, Slovakia - Alan and Malinda Brown
  • October 14-20 - Global Christian Schools Network, Timisoara, Romania - Laci Demeter
  • October 16 - School Services in Kiev, Ukraine - Paul Madsen
  • November 3 - Romanian Regional Teachers Conference, Romania
  • November 19-25 ICEC Asia + Global Council Mtgs - Laci Demeter, Roslyn Barnes, Paul Madsen

THANK YOU for your ongoing prayers and support of ACSI Europe's ministry!

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