As an association committed to strengthening your Christian school, our desire is to help you answer your biggest questions:

  1. How can we implement a philosophy and model of Christian education that prepares students academically and inspires them to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ?
  2. How can we meet and surpass the educational standards, curriculum requirements and legal concerns of our community while being fully Christian in our approach to education?
  3. How can we collaborate with other Christian schools and organizations in our region for mutual support and student achievement?
  4. How can we pray effectively for and enjoy real fellowship with the world-wide community of Christian schools for the glory of God and fulfilling our role in His great Purpose?

To address these questions, we provide member services, publications and events to all our member schools. If you have a specific need, please contact us directly and we will do our best to serve you and your school.

School Membership

You are invited to join ACSI as a member school. This allows you access to all our member services including school visits, teacher training events, publications and the Student Leadership Conference. Our member schools also receive a registration discount at our regional administrator and teacher conferences. These schools are listed in our directory and have the opportunity to network with other member schools through our system, providing prayer, professional support and encouragement. Learn More Here

We have our on-line version of the school membership form available in several languages. Please use this for NEW NATIONAL SCHOOL membership applications. After completing the school membership form, you will need to set up a personal account on our website using BOTH an E-mail address from the membership form AND the new school code so that you can edit and renew your school membership information for the following years.

To renew your membership, please log in with your school e-mail account first. (This account must be connected to your school's account by using your school code.)

International schools must apply for membership through ACSI Global.

Individual Membership

There are various levels of individual membership within our current system.

  1. You are invited to create a free personal account on this website. This will provide access to article content which is not open for public viewing and selected conference video and/or audio recordings. This account also allows you to register for upcoming conferences.
  2. User accounts for member schools: These members have access to all the services above plus access to all our conference recordings and professional articles on educational topics. These members also receive a member discount for conferences and publications. BE SURE TO USE YOUR SCHOOL CODE when you create an account so that your personal account is connected to your school's member status.
  3. An individual ACSI member account will allow teachers from non-member institutions to join ACSI Europe at a small yearly fee. These members have access to all our conference recordings and professional articles on educational topics and receive a member discount for teacher conferences.
Request/renew a personal ACSI paid member account :
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News and Events
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Theme: "Leading from the Heart" Be sure to join us from September 27 - 30! Registration is open from May 1 - Sept. 9, 2017
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International Collaborative Projects for Christian Schools
ACSI Europe is offering a Moodle based online course for teachers to facilitate such international collaborations. The online course offers high quality methodological training combined with biblical integration using Project Based Learning.
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