School Membership

1. MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FOR MEMBERS: To renew your membership, please log in with your school e-mail account first. (This account must be connected to your school's account by using your school code.)
2. NEW MEMBERS:  please use our NEW NATIONAL SCHOOL on-line Membership Form.
As an ACSI member school, you have access to all our member services including school visits, teacher training events, publications and the Student Leadership Conference. Our member schools also receive a registration discount at our administrator and teacher conferences. These schools are listed in our directory and have the opportunity to network with other member schools through our system, providing prayer, professional support and encouragement.

Please take special note of the steps to follow:

(1) Please fill in ALL applicable spaces on our NEW NATIONAL SCHOOL on-line Membership Form.
(2) We ask that you provide the name of your school in the language of your country plus the English equivalent for our directory.
(3) The fee for this school year is based on the number of students enrolled in your school. You can also choose to pay for more years of membership. We can work with you on a payment plan or scholarships as they become available, if you have any issues with payment.
(4) The membership application can then be printed for your records and you will receive a membership certificate after payment.
(5) After completing the school membership form, you will need to set up a personal account on our website using BOTH an E-mail address from the membership form AND the new school code so that you can edit and renew your school membership information for the following years.
(6) The membership fee is payable in Euros by direct bank transfer by October 31st each year. We do not want you to miss out on member benefits if you genuinely have a financial issue and cannot pay by October 31st, but you MUST contact us for concerns in this area.

Western Europe Membership fees for the school year 2017

Up to 25 students

50 Euro

26-250 students

2 E / student (rounded down to nearest 10)

Over 250 students

500 Euro

DISCOUNTED FEES are available for schools located in certain countries of Central and Eastern Europe. As you fill out your on-line form, the system will give you the appropriate fees depending on your country. 

Direct bank transfer payment may be made as follows:

Account Owner Address: 1182 Budapest, Óhuta utca 46.
Bank: OTP Bank
Bank Address: 1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 16.
Swift Code: OTPVHUHB
Account#: 11718000 20458027 00000000
IBAN: HU18117180002045802700000000

OR use TransferWise to avoid the expensive bank fees and currency exchange fees - Payment Details

We look forward to you beginning your partnership with ACSI in extending the Kingdom of Christ through the cause of Christian Education.
View our Privacy Policy - Note that by becoming an ACSI Member School in the EU, you agree to the public posting of your school contact information on our website.

International schools must apply for membership through ACSI Global.


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