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  • Sharing the value of Christian education
  • Promoting Christian school distinctives
  • Encouraging home-school-church partnerships
  • Professional education resources and publications

More Detailed Descriptions:

CONFERENCES - The ACSI Europe Office hosts conferences for Christian school leaders and for Christian teachers in Europe. Conferences for school leaders are available with themes such as “implementing a Christian philosophy of education”, "Christian school communication and media relations", “Christian school management”, and “developing professional learning communities”. Teacher conference themes and workshop topics may include “integration of biblical truth in every subject area”, “discipline and classroom management”, “distinctives of Christian school education”, “curriculum development”, and “effective teaching methods”. A Student Leadership Conference is also available for all member schools and the International ACSI schools which addresses concepts of Christian leadership for over 300 high school students each year.

TEACHER TRAINING - Member schools will receive priority consideration for teacher training seminars planned by ACSI personnel, on a national or regional basis. Teacher In-Service training for specific needs can also be made available for your school or city, upon request and as time permits. Many courses are presented online with course descriptions at:

ACSI Europe also offers an online course for teachers to develop international collaborative projects for their students with the following goals:

  • Providing International collaboration opportunites at teacher and student levels (with discounts for ACSI member schools)
  • Helping teachers develop meaningful biblical integration in their school subjects to facilitate character and spiritual formation of their students
  • Learning how to design effective projects for Project Based Learning
  • Developing your students' 21st Century Learning Skills (collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication)

PUBLICATIONS - The ACSI Europe office in Budapest seeks to publish and distribute National Newsletters to Christian teachers on a quarterly basis. This is to enhance communication among Christian teachers and schools, and offer articles of professional interest. Professional materials and resource books are being published in various languages and made available to teachers. Many of these are available to members on our our website.

  • ACSI WORLD REPORT - This quarterly newsletter is produced by the ACSI Office of International Ministries and sent to all member schools. ACSI World Report covers topical and developmental issues such as the integration of faith and learning and the selection of curriculum materials. Professionals and noted educators in the field of Christian education, as well as ACSI staff, submit articles for publication. It includes a devotional thought, news items about schools internationally, conferences around the world, and updates concerning services offered to member schools. We would like to encourage you to contribute articles or newsworthy information.
  • CHRISTIAN SCHOOL EDUCATION (CSE) - This journal is published four times per year and is available to all member schools through our website. CSE includes professional articles and reports of current developments in the worldwide family of ACSI schools.

SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT – Member Schools are committed to grow in quality, seeking to improve services and maturing as a truly “Christian School”. The ACSI staff is prepared to assist the faculty and staff of each of the member schools through a process of “school improvement”, with a self-study, school evaluation and in-service training. This program has the potential of providing official ACSI accreditation, recognized for quality education in many countries.

  • Consultation - Member schools may have an ACSI Team of Consultants visit their school for an objective external evaluation, offering recommendations for school improvement. Reports a held confidential and intended solely for the benefit of the school involved.
  • School to School Collaboration - If suitable arrangements can be made, a school director may be invited to a Christian school in another country for a period of time for general observation. The host director may then return the visit. Out of this, a relationship may develop that could benefit both schools.

PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES - We are developing an extensive list of workshops and presentations gathered over the last several years. Some of these will also have worksheets or activities for group work. Most of the articles will be password protected, so you must have an account to access these materials. The purpose of these Professional Resources is to provide quality material for individual or group study, especially for ACSI Europe members who do not have access to our training or conference events or for continued professional training and development. We also provide quarterly newsletters and many downloads at various levels of membership.

List of Downloadable Resources Many resources with active links to PPT, MP3, AVI and other files from the last 5 years - only paying members have access

STUDENT SERVICES - Our annual Student Leadership Conferences bring students from Christian schools together for inspiration, encouragement and motivation in their responsibilities as Christian leaders. In 2012 we began an on-line leadership training program which provides quality instruction in English for students who are interested in understanding the principals of Christian leadership. ACSI Europe is also working in cooperation with US based Christian organizations to create cross-cultural ministry opportunities in Europe and beyond.

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