Course offering - Christian Philosophy of Education

This is a special 8-week course designed to help meet the "philosophy of Christian education" requirement for ACSI teacher certification.

Course Summary:

This course is designed to help Christian teachers develop in their understanding of a quality, Christian education and to assist them in the task of equipping students to influence their world through Biblical thought, character and action. This is accomplished by providing a foundation for a personal philosophy of Christian education. Selected readings, presentations and discussions will shape the writing of a 3-6 page “Philosophy of Christian Education” paper to summarize the learning of each participant. Participants will also apply this learning to the planning and delivery of a biblically integrated lesson in their subject area and target grade level.

The topics include: the Aim of Christian Education, the Distinctives of a Christian Education, the Nature of the Student, the Role of the Teacher in the Christian School, Curriculum and the Nature of Knowledge, the Assessment of Learning and Biblical Worldview Integration

Course Title: "Christian Philosophy of Education"teaching small

Course Format: online course at:

Course Language: English

Length of Course: 8 weeks (about 3-4 hours/week)

This course is available to anyone interested in deepening their understanding Christian education and developing a personal philosophy of CE. You do not need to be a member of ACSI or even be currently teaching. We require a minimum of 15 participants to begin the course. Please contact us for more details or questions. 

  • Time frame and requirements: 3-4 hours per week for 8 weeks (for fluent English speakers). 
  • Classes begin: October and February


Participation requirements and costs:

  • 24 class hours of instruction with the option of official ACSI course certificate (4 Continuing Education Units)
  • Price: 130 EUR (for ACSI member schools), 65 E for members in Eastern Europe
  • The course cost includes digital versions most reading materials but one additional book is required at your expense.
  • Includes an official ACSI certificate of completion
  • If you have never taken an online class before or are unfamiliar with these topics, we recommend that you first complete our pilot course, The Mission of the Christian School.


Course Objectives: Participants will…

  1. Articulate the differences between a Biblical and a non-Biblical approach to teaching
  2. Identify the distinctives of a Christian education (and in an international context)
  3. Describe the nature of the student with the value and differences each one has
  4. Identify the roles of the Christian teacher in the learning process
  5. Examine the Nature of Knowledge and tools for assessment in the learning process
  6. Describe appropriate methods of integrating a Biblical worldview in teaching
  7. Demonstrate the planning and delivery of a biblically integrated lesson in their subject area and target grade level
  8. Prepare and write a personal Philosophy of Christian Education


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