ACSI Europe se compromete a apoyarlo a usted y a su escuela cristiana a través de un desarrollo profesional de calidad.

Los cursos en línea son clave para desarrollar sus conexiones con colegas cristianos en todo el mundo, al tiempo que proporcionan inspiración, aliento y desarrollo profesional de calidad para su crecimiento como docente cristiano. Por ahora, los cursos están disponibles solo en inglés.



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We offer October, February and April start dates for our online courses.


Course Catalogue:

New courses are being developed regularly and are organized in the following categories -

Education Courses (4 week courses)

* The Collaborative Projects course requires implementation of a project for full credit. Project partners can begin the course at any time!

** The Mission of the Christian School is our introductory course with a set fee of 20 E.

Bible Courses

  • God's Unfolding Plan (8 week course / 2.67 CEUs) - This survey course gives teachers an overview of the biblical narrative, providing a platform for further Bible study and integration with classroom practice. (16 hours)
  • More Bible courses will also be available soon.


Christian Philosophy of Education

  • An 8-week course of study, which includes the writing of a "Philosophy of Christian Education" paper (required for ACSI teacher certification). It is available to any teacher intent on forming a deeper understanding of Christian Education. (24 hours)


Leadership Courses - primarily for students

  • The Mentoring Emerging Leaders program provides specific training in leadership on many topics. These courses are currently available to high school and college students who are recommended to us by ACSI member schools.
  • The online Student Leadership Conversations provides a biblical perspective on leadership and is offered as follow-up training from our annual Student Leadership Conference.
  • These courses are currently free of cost for ACSI member schools, but do have other specific requirements for participation.

Plans for Professional Development

A plan for Christian educators: A plan for Christian school leaders:
  • The Mission of the Christian School (12 hours)
  • A Bible course (12-18 hours)
  • Chr. Philosophy of Ed. (30 hours)
  • Biblical Integration (12 hours)
  • A teaching methods course such as Collaborative Projects or Questions for Better Learning (12 hours)


  • The Mission of the Christian School (12 hours)
  • A Bible course (12-18 hours)
  • Chr. Philosophy of Ed. (30 hours)
  • Biblical Integration (12 hours)
  • Another course of interest such as Intellectual Character Development, Assessment for Learning or A Biblical Approach to Educational Leadership (to be developed) with completion of a project (18 hours)
* Total hours: 68-74 -- Package price: 240 Euro * Total hours: 72-78 -- Package price: 250 Euro


 Online Courses - Pricing Table:

These are preliminary prices as we develop our online professional resources. NOTE that all who complete the course will receive an electronic (PDF) completion certificate. 

Number of hours per course

Prices for ACSI member schools including all international schools

Subsidized rates for member schools in Eastern Europe and the former CIS

Standard rates for non-member schools.

6 hours / 1 CEU

40 €  20 € 60 €

12 hours

60 € 30 € 90 €

18 hours

80 € 40 € 120 €

24 hours

100 € 50 € 150 €

30 hours

120 € 60 € 180 €

** 10% discounts for 5 or more course participants from the same school.
School leaders may request access to courses for evaluation purposes.
eLearning vouchers given by our office are valid for course participation.
You may request a scholarship based on your financial context.
ACSI Europe is certified to issue CEUs (Continuing Education Units) valid within the ACSI Global community of Christian schools. These CEU's can be collected for credit toward ACSI teacher certification. The purpose of ACSI teacher certification is to strengthen Christian schools by enabling teachers to meet established professional and biblical requirements, which promotes continued professional learning and increased effectiveness in their school setting. Establishing and maintaining professional development activities and certification for staff and administration is an essential step toward professional credibility and growth. ACSI certification is available to qualified teachers, directors, and administrators of all nations.